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We are very proud to announce two exciting additions to our EpicSki Academy faculty--Eric DesLauriers and Maggie Loring. Here's a little info on each:

Eric's parents were nice enough to own the Bolton Valley Ski Resort so Eric and his brother Rob could go skiing every day from the age of two. Eric went on to attend UVM (University of Vermont, which has graduated more ski bums than any other institution anywhere). Eric coaches with the famous X-Team Advanced Ski Clinics and and is head honcho of All Mountain Professionals of Sugar Bowl, California. He and his brother Rob recently published a great book, Ski The Whole Mountain (2002). Since 1989, Eric has appeared in 23 ski movies filmed all over the world. He just returned from heli-skiing in Chile, where he tells of skiing one run that was 8,000 vertical feet. He posts on as Eski.

Maggie Loring didn't just write a book, she wrote the ski teacher's bible. She is the author of Core Concepts for Snowsports Instructors (2001), PSIA's latest word on the art of teaching. Maggie will be taking time away from her duties as director of the Snowbird Mountain School to coach at the Academy. Her career as a consummate ski pro began at the tender age of 14, teaching 6 year olds in a seasonal program. In the years since, Maggie was part of the team that created Perfect Turn for the American Skiing Company, served as technical director of SkiWee, and managed adult programs at Lionshead/Vail. She's also written Skiing: A Woman's Guide, published by Ragged Mountain Press. Her philosophy of skiing: "It's all an exciting journey, and one that never stops amazing me. Where else can you get intellectual and physical stimulation, environmental stimulation, and social encouragement and companionship all in the same instant? Mind, body, spirit. It's all there on the hill. See you out there!" She posts on as ML.

Like Eric, Maggie and our great coaches from last year, virtually all of our new instructors will be Examiners, Division Clinic Leaders, Accredited Trainers, current or former PSIA Demo Team members, or coaches having similar experience and credentials.