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Any of You Have a Phone Number for Zipfit?

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Hi All,

I am having pretty serious issues with the tongues on my Zipfit Diva liners (which overall I love) and am finding out this is a common issue with the Zipfits (at least some versions.) I want to contact Zipfit customer service but cannot locate a phone number for them, and have not received a response to an email I sent to them about 10 days ago.


I'd take them to the bootfitter I bought them from, but he's 5+ hours away and we might not be back up there this ski season. We are moving in the summer, too, so odds are we won't be anywhere near this boot fitter again. (Footloose in Mammoth.) I do plan to ski a few more days and would like to get this taken care of ASAP. It is causing nerve damage to my left foot--it's getting bad. I'd like to talk with someone at Zipfit who might have some suggestions for me. (Frankly, I'd like to get a new, upgraded tongue added to my existing liners.)


Or, if any of you have suggestions, that'd also be great.

Thanks a bunch!

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love to know what the issue is as we haven't had any problem that i am aware of this side of the pond


like most problems it is best to contact the dealer first, they will have better contact details then the website shows, call them and get them to deal with it, after all they sold you the liners, right? in the uk i either deal with the factory who makes them or our UK sales agent, neither of whom are much use where you are 

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The lower part of the tongue, at the very inside edge, has curved so much that the hard plastic is pushing into my ankle/instep in that area so much that I have some pretty bad nerve damage going on. I have tried having it reheated and "bent" back out, and tried pushing the material around in that area, but as soon as I buckle, it goes back. There has been a discussion on another thread on here that I am not the only one who has had this issue. Apparently, the tongue was redesigned but it seems I have one of the "older" designs even though I bought the liners two years ago.


I'll call the shop. Not sure what they can do for me from afar, but it's worth a shot!

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the shop will probably want a picture, then they can contact zipfit and make arrangements for whatever needs to happen

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