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Rental equipment near Okemo

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Hi all,


Going skiing, with some family and friends, for a few days.  Some need rental equipment and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations in the area of Okemo mountain.  I have my own equipment, so I'm not sure where the better places to go are.  IE is renting from the mountain ok, etc?


I would say that they're beginner to intermediate.


Thanks for any suggestions.

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The mountain would be fine, but if you see a place along the road while driving up, it will likely be cheaper, but perhaps the equipment might be better at the mountain.

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I've never rented, but I know there is a big place right at the bottom of the access road that seems to get a lot of business; I'm guessing it must be at least competitive on price. It's in the plaza on the right (east side of road) just past the entrance to the access road.  When I've been in there (sorry I can't remember the name), they seemed to have a variety of intermediate skis.


But one question: are they renting to simply use?  Or are they demo-ing with an idea of buying?  If so, it might make sense to rent right at the base.  This way, they could switch skis to get more varied demo experience. More expensive, but a better demo experience.


If not, see if you can get quotes online; I've googled "rental skis Okemo (or whatever)" with good luck.

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Thank you kindly for the replies.  They won't be demo'ing skis, just some leisure skiing.  Given the advise I will likely recommend they rent on the mountain.  That way if there are any issues they can just switch the stuff out there.

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Go to Northern Ski Works! They do all my gear plus support the crew!
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