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Lower Calf Soreness

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Hi All,


I have been experiencing lower calf pain after skiing this season for the first time.  It's very, very, sore primarily on the lower outside rear part of my calves.   I'm wondering if anyone has had this before and could shed some light on it.  It's sore when I walk, and throbs while I'm skiing and afterward.


My gut tells me it doesn't feel like a muscle issue, but more of just from pressure on my bones.  But who knows.  Same boots and skis as always, same tightness too.  I will say this is the most I've skied in any season, and probably the most aggressive I've ever skiied. 

At first I  thought it was from skiing deep snow and leaning too far back, but after skiing a few days on groomers I realized it happens regardless of conditions.  Of course it's possible that my positioning is off in general too.



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At first I  thought it was from skiing deep snow and leaning too far back


This ^^^


Probably have a bit of a bone bruise or have developed a small bone spur. That's why it hurts even on groomers now.


some years ago when I was new to powder skiing and ratcheting up my game, had pain in the outside of my calves. Finally got an x-ray and found bone spur had developed. went away on its own eventually.


(Also, you could do some investigating to see if there's anything obvious on the boots like a bolt or edge that might be digging in making it worse. Put some zinc or other marker on the spot where it hurts and put your feet in the shells in a skiing stance and see where the stuff comes off onto the shells.)

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