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Hello, everybody!

This morning I put out the August edition of the newsletter. This month's newsletter is full of big news. The highlights are:

We have two fantastic new coaches joining last year's stars. They are--roll the drums--Eric DesLauriers and Maggie Loring. See the newsletter, or the separate post nolo is making about our new coaches, for more bio info.

We have extended the early enrollment deadline to September 15. We've had agreat response to the early signups and are right on the cusp of having a big enough crowd to start planning a second session.

We are making great progress towards an awesome progam next season at Snowbird and are working hard towards putting on the Early Season Tune Up at Stowe in December.

As always, if you didn't get the newsletter and are on the list, let me know. If you aren't on the list and would like the newsletter, let me know. You can reach me either with a PM or by email at

Hope everyone had a great summer. Think Snow and see you at Snowbird and Stowe!