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Originally Posted by Christy319 View Post

Is there a way we can help you problem solve this? I don't think 25 days is bad for someone that doesn't live really close to a mountain, and it's probably not realistic to go back to what you got as a teenager, but you sound pretty bummed and you clearly want to ski more. And you don't have kids, which to me would be the big reason someone would really just have to suck it up.



If it's mostly a money issue, is there a way to work around that? Volunteering as a host to get a pass, getting a season pass at the cheapest place around, etc etc?


The work issue...I know this sounds flippant but if your work is so crazy that you can't reliably get a day off a week to ski, IMO that's a quality of life issue and its time to figure something else out. You don't have kids, presumably you have a spouse that works, there's gotta be a way to make the work situation better.


Poor weather and driving...here I admit this factors in my decision as well, I want the day to be enjoyable, so I'm not willing to tolerate bad conditions or ending up stopped on the highway for 4 hours while they do avy control. This is something you can't control and bad conditions are a bummer for all of us, so I'd focus on the things you can change.


Spouse committments....??? I'm married and that makes it easier for me to ski, not harder. If your spouse knew how bummed you were about your number of days, wouldn't they make it easier for you to ski more? 



Dude! Why accept it? I have a career, a very time consuming volunteer gig, a spouse, am NOT fabulously wealthy and I have at least a 1:40 drive to anyplace I want to ski, but I can' make it happen every weekend--I could make it happen more than that if I wanted. Plus I take trips. Someone that doesn't have kids should be able to figure something out, not to get a 100 day season, probably, but certainly more than once a month!



This....what is a spouse commitment that interferes with skiing.  I'm happily married and my spouse would never get in the way of my skiing, she does everything she can to make sure I can go whenever I want.  Now work gets in the way but I refuse to work more than 5 days per week so I've at least got my weekends to ski.

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You have way more time than you think you do, so try to be more efficient with what you've got.  I try to tell this to everyone without kids.  (everyone with kids is nodding right now)

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Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post

@segbrown, I'm famous for telling people, "The dirt will still be around in the spring, the snow won't be. The dirt can wait." It's truly amazing I am still married!

No it's not....you sound perfect to me.... if I wasn't already married to a perfect woman I might be driving up to Whitefish right now


The only thing that matters in life are the memories and fun yo have.  I will never remember the clutter in our house but ahh the memories of powder days with my kids will make me smile on my deathbed.

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Originally Posted by focker View Post

If we didn't have night skiing I wouldn't get over 10 days per year...    With two active kids our weekends are crazy...   We get out once per weekend usually as a family.   I night ski 1 day per week typically and 1 weekend night per week.


If I lived in Denver there would be no way I could ski 3 times per week.

My kids are active...active ski racing so I have to be at the mountain:D

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Does your wife ski with you? I'm assuming she does.
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