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New boots

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I just bought a new pair of Technica Ten.2 HVL's on a late season sale. It was their last pair in my size, it was a good deal and I was in a hurry to get the 80 mile drive home over. I had done a lot of research on these boots and they actually fit my Fred Flinstone feet without having to be punched out (the first time ever). They were ready to close so I just tried on one boot. (stupid I know) Now walking around the house with them on I have noticed that the right boot is softer in flex than the left one. No amount of buckle or power strap adjustment changes it. It's just plain softer. The shop told me to stand outside and they'd stiffen up just fine. They stiffened up of course but the one was still softer. Then they told me to tighten the adjustment on the back of the upper shell. It won't budge. (I mean at all! On either boot.) of course they won't let me exchange or return them because I bought them on clearance. I'm a pretty decent skier and a big guy with an aggressive style. Being a ski instructor has made me overally technical in how I ski. Skiing with one boot softer is going to mess with my head and my technique. Help. Is there anything that can be done? I can't afford another pair of boots. P.S I live in Minnesota now and imagine that a good bootfitter is going to be hard to find and expensive if I do.
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Check to see if one of the boots has had the spine lowered---Pull the liners and see if one of the shells has been messed with---just a thought.


It is possible to soften a boot---hard to stiffen one.



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Would it be OK to have them the same softer flex?   easy to make a stiff boot softer...

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I'm not sure what the spine is. However, nothing seems to be amiss with either the inside or outside of the upper shell. There is the word "REBOUND" printed above the I-rebound logo on the back of the upper shell. Mounted just below that is a V shaped metal plate with what appears to be a red in color adjustable nut. (similar to the one used to adjust the cuff canting.) the Allen wrench that came with the boots fits both of them. This is what the shop told me tighten. The problem is that it won't budge in either direction on either boot. Period! I've tried using the extra leverage of a small pipe placed on the Allen wrench to no avail. To try to force it anymore is going to strip it out. It's like they're there for show. The manual does not address them at all. I've searched online for hours trying to find out if they actually do anything and all I've found is that I-Rebound technology gives me a more responsive boot. Not what that technology is or how it works or what that nut is for.
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It would be difficult. As I said I'm a big guy. (220 lbs) softer boots make it hard for me to initiate turns on steeper terain which makes me put too much weight on the front of my skis to do so. This then puts me off balance through the turn and makes it hard for me to transition into the next turn. I failed my PSIA Level III exam last year for this very reason. My clinician said that my abilities had progressed beyond my equipment. "Get stiffer boots and you'll pass no problem." were his exact words. I was hoping to take another shot at the exam in March. That's going to be a waste of time and money with these boots the way they are. It's my own fault for being stupid. I should have known better and put both boots on in the shop and left them on and walked around for 20 minutes like I always have before. But they were in a hurry and so was I. Expensive lesson learned. I was just hoping someone out there would have some magical advice or knowledge to compensate for my stupidity.
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You may want to track down a company rep or product manager and explain your plight.  Perhaps there is a manufacturer defect in the shell somewhere? and they may replace it for you?

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Good advice. I was hoping I wouldn't have to follow it though. Luckily, I know the local Vokle-Technica Rep very well. Unfortunately, he's not real happy with me right now. I bowed out of teaching an adaptive program this season, that he and I helped start more than a decade ago. He'll feel even more hurt when he finds out I bought these boots at a shop in The Cities rather than having Pro'd them through him earlier in the season like he wanted me to do. But you're right. It appears my best resource, in this matter, is on my cell phone speed dial.
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