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Topic: Eastern Tune-Up- Follow Up

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AC, oboe, Bob, ...anybody!

Any new news on the status of the East Coast Tune-Up? Not pushin', just wonderin'. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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AC and oboe have been discussing the next newsletter, and it should be ready within the next week or two - hopefully, SOONER! Thanks for the excitement, coach - I'm feeling it myself!

Stay tuned, and follow the newsletters as they are posted.
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Saw Dave Merriam, Ski School Director at Stowe today, he says that EpicSki has an event planned for the weekend in question, Dec 13/14.
I have planned a 5 day event for the week following-Stowe Instructors only, sorry, with Dave, Terry Barbour, Stu Campbell and Barbara Marshall.
Any help I may offer to arrange matters at Stowe, I would be pleased to do-after 6 years teaching there I know most of the players.
I would also like to be part of the event, I might be able to assist with accommodation, as I have a 3 unit apartment building there, and I am planning to have 2 vacant.
Any questions about the mountain, village etc... I will try to help.
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skiswift, please contact me as soon as you can. My e-mail address is
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We know we owe you guys an update VERY soon, and we will deliver on that. Be assured that many people are working hard to make this happen. We simply want to nail things down as much as possible before publicly announcing them. If we can't nail things down very soon, we will let you know where things stand. Thanks!
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Hi everyone--

Here's what I know at the moment. Oboe and others have done a great deal of groundwork to bring Stowe and Dave Merriam (their ski school director) on board for the East Coast Fall Tuneup. Dave and I just need to put together a few final details about the behind-the-scenes operation--always an issue, and always unique with every venue, from our experience with the EpicSki Academy. The only problem is that Dave and I have had a hard time getting in touch with each other. I finally received a voice mail and an e-mail message from Dave today, after leaving him six of the same over the past few days, and with luck, we'll discuss the event tomorrow. Dave is a busy guy these days, but he is eager and excited about this event, so I am confident we'll get it worked out very shortly. Please do not mistake silence for lack of progress!

Sorry I can't tell you more yet. I do know that everyone is eager for news and details, so I'm telling you what I know. Stay tuned and call all your friends--this will be a first rate event!

Many thanks to those who have put in tremendous effort and time bringing this event to life!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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... one more thing...

As most people know, a big reason for the success of the inaugural EpicSki Academy in January was the ability of participants to shape the event. If anyone has any particular hopes, desires, goals, expectations, or requests, please do not hesitate to bring them up here in the forums.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Bob -

Will you be there?

Tom / PM

PS - Good hearing from you. I knew you would come up for air sooner or later

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Once we know if there is a there to be at, we'll give you the full scoop.

Though continued suggestions and requests, as Bob mentioned, are always helpful.

As I said, we'll give you a status report soon -- several things are (we hope) on the verge of popping. I would put this in the "very hopeful" category at this point.
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This is looking like a must attend event. Stowe is one of my favorite resorts with the best use of a high speed quad I've found; 2000+ vertical to some of the best terrain anywhere for beginner to expert all in under 10 minutes. With Bob B., Ric R. and Tom B. heading up the coaching staff and the possibility of Dave Merriam (PSIA demo team member) joining for a run or a day, how can you not be enthused if you are looking for some top flight coaching?. This is definately on my 'to do list'.

If we have enough snow to open glades I'd be interested in a glade clinic. I need to work on bumps also.

Oboe, are you working on central lodging for the participants? That was a nice aspect of the ESA I. If I can be of any assistance, let me know. PM or e-mail, you have my address.

Yip, yip, yip, yippie!
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On the topic of glades...Stowe has some of the best I've skied, east or west. There won't be enough snow in December, but later on in the season I'm sure an instructor/friend could show you some hot stuff a few ravines off to skiers left from Chin Clip...Oz, etc. You'll come out in the gondola parking lot. Ahhh, wish I was still in college up there.
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Originally posted by CP:
On the topic of glades...Stowe has some of the best I've skied, east or west. There won't be enough snow in December.
There was last December.... hoping for the best this year!
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I know the likelyhood of enough snow for glades are small but I can hope!
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Mr. Crazie,

What are the chances of us meeting again and you Keeping that Hat of yours?

To use your original words, "Yip, yip, yip, yippie! "

We'll see you there!
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For anyone planning to attend the Eastern Tune-Up from the NYC area, I just checked with JetBlue on its flights between JFK and BTV. They're only $39-45 each way... you're talking less than $100 roundtrip, including taxes.

Also, Stowe is less than an hour from the Burlington airport (that's SLC-quality access), thus you could fly up Friday afternoon, ski all Saturday and all but an hour of Sunday and get to the airport in time to catch the 4:30 pm flight back.

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It's looking good and so is my hat! I mentioned the possiblity of going to my wife and I have yet to get a serving of cold shoulder and hot tongue. I'll talk to Marcus since he is no longer online. Perhaps he'll bring his ancient equipment and old body too. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Hey yunz guys! Heeding nolo's post in 'important foot movements', any chance of lining up a good boot fitter to conducted a post skiing clinic on boot fitting? I regret missing most of that at Utah last year. As important as it is, many of us have only done a few basic things to get our boots to fit better. I'll be looking to finally do right by my feet this season.
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Doug Stewart is a great boot fitter as well as a new member of the PSIA-E Demo Team and an instructor at Stowe. His boot fitting, so far as I know, is at the Alpine Shop in South Burlington, Vermont. Try putting in a call to him now at (802)862-2714 and maybe you can make arrangements for when you come up. Give me a jingle, we'll meet up, and I'll go there with you.
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