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First pair of skis - "low intermediate" skier [Tahoe]

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Good afternoon all!


So, long story short - I am thinking about purchasing skis.  Mainly because I'm tiring of the rental game - having to go to the shop to pick them up, being tied to one resort / area because I have to turn them in the same place I picked them up, and so forth.  As a guy who makes a lot of short (Weekend) trips, the idea of going straight to the chair rather than dealing with renting equipment is appealing.  I already own boots (which I'm am still tuning), helmet, etc - so skis are really the last piece of the puzzle.


A bit about me.  I was a blue skier as a child, didn't ski much, then took it up again upon moving to California last year.  I took a lesson last season.  I've only skied one day this season thanks to our drought out here but am going up for 3 days of skiing this weekend (including another lesson).  Rather than renting the usual "Basic Ski" garbage I'm thinking of trying to demo something this trip.


I consider myself beginner / low intermediate.  Currently I ski only greens.  I feel relatively confident and stable on these.  I virtually never fall - I haven't fallen thus far since getting back into skiing.  I anticipate I'll be starting to ski Blues by the end of this season.  I'll probably stay with Blues for a good while after that.


I am definitely a cautious skier - I'm not into high speed, more into cruising and enjoying the view.  I ski mainly at Lake Tahoe / nearby areas.  I have no plans to ski off-piste anytime soon.


I'm around 6'1" tall and a big guy, around  230lb.  I'm losing some of that, but even "ripped" I'd still be around 200lb.


I'm thinking of something like the K2 AMP 76.  I know they have the AMP 72 for beginners but I'm wondering if the slightly wider 76 might be preferable for the occasionally sloppy spring conditions at Tahoe.  Length in the 175-180 range I assume, given my height/weight.  Something similar in the Head Peak series might work as well, though that's hard to find as they don't seem to be making it anymore.


Thoughts?  Other suggestions?  I'll probably try to demo from Tahoe Sports in South Lake, they have decent variety though I'm not 100% certain of what brands they carry.

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The K2 AMP sounds like it would be a good ski for you. You mentioned the Head Peak series, you might want to check out the Rev series as well. They make skis in the 76 width like the K2s and also a little wider at 78 before they start adding metal and moving away from a beginning/intermediate ski.


I know that Atomic also makes the Nomad Smoke, which is 76 underfoot and seems similar to me.


From how I see it, a lot of the big ski brands make lower intermediate all-mountain or even frontside oriented skis that are in the 76 underfoot region and would serve your purpose really well. I would suggest demoing one or two and trying to figure out if you are able to discern differences between the brands and what feels best to you.

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So my boot fitter recommended something a bit more advanced - a Rossignol Avenger 76 Basalt.  While these are more of a solid intermediate ski, his thought (which my ski instructor agreed with) was that you learn much more quickly on a "real" ski than a beginner ski, that wood core is a major plus, and that these will last me a lot longer than something more beginner oriented.  I rented these for my trip this past weekend, and while they are certainly a bit more aggressive than the "basic" skis I'm used to I seemed to handle them fairly well and they seemed more responsive.  The reviews on the skis are excellent.


I found a good deal on these new for under $400 - so I am leaning toward going with it.  But just curious if anyone has any last thoughts?



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I skied a pair of these a couple of weeks ago, when a fellow patroller and I traded skis for a while.  They are not a bad ski, a little light in the grip IMHO (I'm used to race skis), but for an unaggressive skier not skiing at high speeds or demanding too much out of them they should do very well. 


Buy them!

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