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Eastern Tune-Up Newsletter

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Eastern Tune-Up Newsletter –

Good news! Bob Barnes, Ric Reiter (“vail snopro”) and Tom Burch WILL be coming east for the December 13th-14th Eastern Tune-Up! They are, in all candor, making significant sacrifices to do this. THANKS, GUYS!

While we feel reasonably confident of the venue, we dare not speak too soon. Although this is not an “EpicSki Academy “ event, we well remember last season when we all thought we’d lined up Solitude – only to see it fall through in the last weeks before the event. This time, we want a few more i’s dotted and t’s crossed before any announcement is made. Major projects and summer vacations are slowing us down a tad. Once we’re past that, though, you’ll be hearing from us again with details.

Because of the weekend timing and relative proximity of the Eastern Tune-Up, we’re inviting family and friends to join us, and we hope that you invite yours, too.

With wishes that your summer is pleasant as can be expected in the absence of snow, we look forward to seeing you in more auspicious December weather.

Best regards, oboe
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Great news Oboe! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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This is fantastic news!

For those that did not attend ESA I and you are looking for some early season instruction, you really should consider this event. Bob skied with my group for a day and my buddy, Marcus, was in Ric's group the entire 4 days. Both are excellent coaches and I'm sure Tom is also. Marc and I are PSIA L-1 so we know a bit about coaching. There are few as capable as the coachs we have at the Acadamy. If you are cool to the idea of lessons because past lessons never fully met your needs, you owe it to yourself to give this group a try.

Given the way my finances are going, this may be the only event I can consider. If there is enough snow to open glades and steeps, I'll definitely show up.
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Do you hear that? The tinkling sound?

Skier_j and I will be there with BELLS on!
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Where is this going to happen?
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Eastern Tune-Up Newsletter #2 -

Well, let me modify some of what I've said, and add more -

This event has the full support of EpicSki Academy at this point and is being presented as such. We don't have any bad news, but we have some good, limited news:

Bob Barnes has had a great phone meeting with the "powers that be" at the mountain, and we are many strides ahead of where we were even a few days ago. This is looking GOOD, and we're getting a great reception from the mountain ski school. At this point, your ETU organizing committee has some important decisions to make about the event format, legal considerations, and costs. Once they have been made, actual on-paper proposals have been developed, and the mountain officials have accepted them, we'll feel more at ease about posting details.

At this point, epic and oboe have been meeting with mountan staff to discuss the facility for the Saturday night dinner, possibilites for lodging, group lift tix rates, and we'll be working on costs and a tentative bsuiness plan once the critical decisions have been made about the issues discussed by Bob Barnes today. Again, we are mindful of our experience last year - where we announced an event at Solitude without a written agreement in place, only to find out at the eleventh hour that we did not have a deal. We wish NOT to take that risk, so we are being conservative in our public statements.

I can say this, however, without any reservation or qualifiation whatsoever: We are dealing with very high quality people up there - tops in the business. We're more than hopeful for a really great Eastern Tune-Up weekend!

Stay tuned!
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Oboe, Epic, Bob, AC, Ric, Tom and ???, thanks for all the work and effort you are putting into the EC event!

I'm looking forward to it, and will "stay tuned"!

Thanks for the update.
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Oboe is the driving force, and Bob is also working hard to make big things happen. Thanks guys!!!
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Thank you, but let me state my own perception and belief:

What you will see, learn from, and enjoy will be the product of whatever Bob Barnes works out with Dave Merriam. You all know who our own Bob Barnes is - in addition to being the author of The Complete Encyclopedia of Skiing, he is the quintessential professional ski coach, and with a passion. Dave Merriam is the Ski School Director at Stowe, a former member (more than once) of the National PSIA Demo-Team and currently the National Coach of all the PSIA Demo-Teams.

Making the long trek east to make this happen are Bob, Tom Burch and Ric Reiter (Vail Snopro) - not only consumate professionals, but guys we know from this web site and who are have gone far more than the "extra mile" to bring this about.

Please always bear in mind that it is the top professional coaches who make these events what they are. Others of us are only carrying water for them, and we - certainly, I - are more than happy to have that opportunity. As the putative "driving force", oboe has, himself, been driven, reined in, and who knows what else, by others not the least of which have been AC, epic (Erik Timmerman), gentleman jamesdeluxe, our friends from the west - Bob, Ric and Tom - and certanly others. Bear in mind that it was Chris Geib that started this idea about an eastern early season tune-up. Just want to set the record straight.

Now, if it is represented that oboe has been the principle pain in the a$$, then I'll accept that title.

The devil's in the details. While Bob and Dave work on these, stay tuned. The dinner's done when the chefs say its done.
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You well deserve any accolades sent your way. You and the group that has rallied around this idea all deserve a pat on the back. It takes a lot of inner strength to follow through on great ideas that compete with similar interests. Can it be this 'Diamond in the Rough' has the potential of being the 'Crown Jewel', in what some see as becoming a real force in skiing.

Let's take a look at it from another side of the fence:

The timing and location sure do have appeal. Everyone is just chomping at the bit to get in a few ski days at that time of the season. That old battle over who has the better snow doesn't really come into play when the chances are high that skiing in any area will likely be on man-made snow. Now add in a 'storied' locale, and you have something that peaks the interest of the entire group. ...Top Flight instructors, dedicated organizers, and little else on peoples agendas to compete with it; all add up to what could be a 'Home Run'.

It sure is looking like the kind of event that might make one want to get their family, friends, and neighbors involved!!

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Not to be a wet blanket, but please hold off on the congratulations. What you're reading is what we're attempting - not what we have already baked and put on the table. Yes, I feel very confident that this will work out - but let's be accurate: The package has yet to be completed. When it is, the details will be posted.

Interesting that you should use the words "Top Flight instructors". Yes, they ARE! in fact, one of them (Vail Snopro) even is a FLIGHT INSTUCTOR, and no doubt a TOP flight instructor!
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Where will this take place?
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Scalce, as I've said above, this is still in the work-up stage. We have a very enthusiatic welcome from Dave Merriam, the Ski School Director at Stowe, and so we are working to put together the total package based on the progress we've made at Stowe.
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I wasn't sure if I missed it since it wasn't posted.

My wife and I may be interested if my knee feels good this year.
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The Eastern Tune-Up is being scheduled for the weekend of December 13 and 14, 2003. There are no other dates being considered. However, if you find yourself here before then - or after then - please ring me up. Send a hello to my e-mail address - bennettgreene@vtlink.net - and I'll send you my phone number.
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Have any more particulars been established, like price, itinerary, etc? I'd like to book lodging soon.
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The particulars are expected to be announced soon, including the price. The coaches and organizers are bending over backwards to keep this affordable and at the same time paying the bills. I know it seems simple, but a lot of work and discussion goes into planning events like these. A number of ideas are brought together and sifted through. Consensus is achieved. And, finally, the show goes "on the road", and we want you to join us there!

Everyone who posts in this thread, THANK YOU for showing your interest and inspiring us to keep working on the planning, organizing and presentation of a great event!

[ August 31, 2003, 05:58 PM: Message edited by: oboe ]
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Originally posted by oboe:
Scalce, as I've said above, this is still in the work-up stage. We have a very enthusiatic welcome from Dave Merriam, the Ski School Director at Stowe, and so we are working to put together the total package based on the progress we've made at Stowe.
Is there a provisional date in mind Oboe? I'll be in Stowe from 1 December onwards, would love to be able to attend.
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Well, it looks like you lucky folks will get to meet our greyhound. Giselle. We will be staying at the Riverside Inn http://www.rivinn.com
They are charging us $70.00 a night, with no extra charge for a Sunday 6:00 pm check-out. They also do group rates, if anyone is interested.

[ September 01, 2003, 04:22 PM: Message edited by: Lisamarie ]
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(A) Is Mark coming too?

(B) Will Giselle ski with us?
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Jeff and I would like to stay in the motel. If we had enough interest, we could all stay in one spot, take over the place for the weekend, and have one hell of a party.

River Inn link

Think we can fill 16 rooms? We have 2 down already!

[ September 01, 2003, 06:46 AM: Message edited by: Bonni ]
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Great Idea Bonni,

We will look into right away. Those interested in staying there post a quick note so we know how many are interested.
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Ok. I just spoke to the folks at Riverside Inn. They just offered us a fantastic deal {think Extended Stay type prices or less} if we have 20 people staying at their main lodge! This would include the use of their fireside lounge for our apres ski session, plus the use of their kitchen. Supposedly, there is a great pizza place near by. Or, they can aarange to have food brought in.
Would do you think?
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Nice work! Count James & Juliet in for one room.
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I guess its ok to post the info they gave me, since there seems to be some interest. If 20 people rent the main lodge, the cost will be $600 a night for the entire group! This would include the use of the fireside lounge for our after ski activities. As I said, they would be willing to help us out in terms of planning a dinner, unless people really wanted to do a "go out to dinner" thing.

If you have a pet, you can stay at the motel that is right next to the lodge.

Since Oboe is up to his neck in preparations, he's asked me to arrange this. Why don't we start a list, to see who is interested. When we get to 20, I can give them a call.
BTW, the inn is about a 10 minute drive from the mountain.
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Thanks to Lisa for the scouting! Let's give some serious thought to having the dinner RIGHT THERE for all students and coaches.

At thirty bucks a night per person lodging, this will be a can't-be-missed event. Let's have your feedback folks!
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One more thing folks! We do NOT have to check out at noon on Sunday. This means we can come back and shower before driving home!
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Here's the rest of the story:

Please check out this link for the Riverside Inn:


There are two facilities there. One is the Inn and the other is the Motel. It would be great to rent the entire Inn, which can house up to 22 people, and in the deal we'd get the fireside lounge, the gameroom, kitchen and dining area. That could be had for $600 per night. Seems like a good deal - and it is. Bear in mind that this is an old farmhouse converted to use as a ski lodge. As I read it, there are a total of four bathrooms to be shared.

Next door (same property), we have the Motel. Rooms there each have their own bathrooms, and depending upon the room, they each may house two, three, or four people. So you still can end up with four people sharing one bathroom. The expected cost for a room housing two people would be $70 per night for the room, or $35 per peron per night. If there are four to a room, the cost is $100 per night for the room, or $25 per person per night with the sharing of the bathroom by four people.

The only way to get the group rate for the Inn and to secure as our own the dining facility is to pay $600 for 20 people to stay there and share bathrooms.

Having the whole crowd housed there and be there for dinner (whether it's pizza or something fancier) would be great.

I'll go over there there Sept 2nd or 3rd and check it out. This is too good a deal - and too good an opportunity - to overlook.

Discussion, please.

Oh, P.S. The owner tells me the Canadian money special won't work for us. It's a special right now, and not for group rates, so think only in USD's.
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Lisamarie - The hotel is in a great location, its on the Trolley bus route, these depart every 20 mins at peak times and stop at both Spruce Peak and Mansfield. Cost $1 each way !!!! least it was last season.

As to choice of eating places, your correct, Pie in the Sky pizza joint is just over the road from the hotel, you'll also find 2 Thai resturants and a very good French resturant 'Mais Amie'

Roll on December !!! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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And its owned by a lovely, lovely British family! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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