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Alpine skiing in winter olympics

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So, the skiing events are almost complete, how did you see it so far? did anyone suprize you? did anyone disapoint you? With only Slalom left to go what are your predictions?


For me I must say not many suprizes as far as ladies are concerned, Tina Maze I knew would show her true face in the olympics with 2 golds, other racers aswell offer almost no suprizes, Maria is very good in all disciplines and Anna Fenninger is very constant. Perhaps the only real suprize was Dominique Gisin, I really didn't expect her to win a gold medal.


My predictions for Slalom is a win by Mikaela Shiffrin who is just crazy good in the discipline, alltho I must say it depends alot on snow conditions, if they are bad she does have a disadvantage against experienced skiers..

The two medalists alongside her will be Maria Pietila Holmner who has been in really good form in slalom this season and getting better and Tina Maze who alltho had a fairly bad slalom season is still the hardest to beat in any discipline when shes in form, also she has nothing to lose now.


Quite a few suprizes with men so far tho, I must say I didn't expect anything close to what happened in pretty much every discipline apart from giant slalom, tho im glad Bode Miller managed to get a medal, really quite a story. Ted no suprize there won a gold in GS, however I did expect more from Marcel Hirsher in GS, this season he has been quite good.


My predictions for Slalom is a win by Hirsher who will want to prove himself now and he does good with pressure like this.

Felix Neureuther will also get a medal because he is just too good while the young Kristoffersen will get a medal aswell, and will be quite a sensation.


What do you guys think so far, your opinions on everything?

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It's been kind of a joke Olympics in a lot of ways, mainly because of the warm temps and soft snow. I think Bode got hosed in the DH with slower snow when he ran. The Super Combis were okay, but the course for the Men's SL was total garbage. The set for the Women's SG was way it should have been that cranky coming over the critical knoll. If 8 out of the first 11 women go out, you know it's not a fair race. Men's SG was a much better set, and pretty much a fair race. It was great to see Bode get a medal. I thought the women's and men's GSs were fair races. SL, for the men, it's anybody's guess. I'm going to pick Pinterault. For the women...I don't want to jinx Mikaela, but she's the class of the field...

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I am predicting a medal in SL from Henrik Kristofferson!


Matthias Mayer was not a surprise in DH.


Otherwise, I agree that Bode was unfortunate in the DH & deserved a medal there, but I felt the same about this years Kitzbuhel DH. 


Gisin & Weibrecht were typical Olympic surprises.




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Frankly I was surprised (and delighted) to see Mancuso get on the medal stand. I hadn't seen much from her this year. I thought Gut would step up a little more, and I guess I should have expected Weibrecht to come out of nowhere.


I really thought Bode would win the DH, and he was only one or two slight mis-steps from doing so, despite everyone saying what a disappointment it was. It's pretty easy to lose half a second over a long and difficult course like that.


I agree the ladies' SG set was terrible. F. Winkler is a bad person and should feel bad about setting that course.


For the slaloms I will not go out on a limb. I'm picking Shiffrin and Hirscher.

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I know most of you are from USA and see certain things through some pink glasses, but seriously... why would Bode deserve medal there? Because he was best on 2 out of 3 trainings, and 2nd on third one? Training times are sort of indication, but anything but real thing. Bode was one of very few guys who skied trainings from start to finish full power, most other guys didn't, so times on training are not really all that much of a proof how strong certain skiers are. As far "bad luck with slow snow" goes... Bode had number 15, Mayer had 11, Iner had 20, Jansrud had 8, Aksel had 18, Fill had 14, so unless snow changed just for number 15 and then got back again to faster one, this doesn't have much to do with reality. To be honest, I was actually hoping he would get medal, but for DH I didn't put my money on him to be top 5 (true, I didn't put it on Mayer either... unfortunately).

As far as surprises go... Mayer is definitely surprise, at least when it comes to gold (or any medal at all), so is Gisin, Weibrecht, and even Jansrud is sort of surprise getting medal in DH. Definitely in men combined Viletta, and most likely also Missillier in men GS. And for me, Lara Gut is somehow surprise too, as I was pretty sure she will do better then she did (not that 3rd and 4th place are bad, but still).

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Ooops, I was in the wrong thread....  Original post deleted.

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Originally Posted by primoz View Post

I know most of you are from USA and see certain things through some pink glasses, but seriously... why would Bode deserve medal there?


I'm from USA and a huge Bode fan, but I think it is a very strange statement to say Bode "deserved" a medal in the DH. I expected him to win one and I really really hoped he would, but the nice thing about ski racing is that everyone knows who deserves the medals...the three fastest. You don't have to rely on the whims or tastes of a panel of judges.


Meanwhile, Shiffrin is getting ready for her 2nd run with a half-second lead. Go Mikaela!:ski

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Was a little disappointed with the Swedish performances. J-Li and Hargin both really good in their first runs in GS and SL. But didn't come close to their full potential in second runs. Kajsa Kling had something really good going on in SG but missed the gate after the small jump where 12 or 13 other girls also went out...
Congrats to all the medalists.
Can't wait for the WC to start again.
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