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MX88 -- 178 or 188?

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My stats:


6'3", 200lbs

38 years old, skiing since 12

Expert, all mountain skiier

Live in CA, ski Squaw and Utah


I'm looking either for a single ski that does everything, or a two ski quiver with something wider for when there's alot of the soft stuff. Propbably tha latter. Assuming I bought a Soul 7 in 188 and wanted another ski for when its been a while since the last snow, what length of MX88 would you recommend?

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Go with the 188. If you are going for a 2 ski quiver don't rule out the MX 83.
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Great choice for a do it all or wider between storms ski.

If you go with single option then 188cm MX88 or even better FX94 in 186.

Two quiver - MX83 in 183 and something fat and juicy that doesn't pale compared to an MX series ski..

MX83 in 183 is a touch better fit in terms of length/ stiffness for your weight and will be more agile, more exciting and offer more bite and energy in firmer conditions. Stability is there in spades. Tips a bit stiff for soft snow so it loses to the mx88 there and isn't quite as good a crud buster (though much better than most) but if you have a 105-115 not much of a concern.

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