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A Unique problem

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I got back in to skiing about 2 years ago after a 15 year layoff as my kids discovered skiing.  I was born with a club foot on the right and have vastly different feet.  My right foot is a US 7.5 EEE (24 cm long 104 mm wide). The left is a US 9 EE (26 cm and 99mm).  I currently ski on Atomic Live fit 90's at size 26.5.  The left is great but the right has some problems.  I use a sock liner only on the right, I has sure feet off the shelf foot beds, the arch was too high on this and before I got customs I ripped the rigid plastic part off and it gave me much more proper support.  The problem I am left with is the tongue on the right pinches at the lower shin.  I am thinking of heading to a local bootfitter in NH, but these boots aren't bad for now.   I get foot fatigue on the right at the end of a full day which makes me a little sloppy, but I'm on greens and blues with the kids.  I'm looking down the road as they get better I want to keep up and my question is are these boots worth modifying so I can ski in them for the next 10 years, or should I get something better in 2 or so years when I start hitting the blacks that is fully customized?  Can I do this with 1 pair of boots or should I get 2 pair of boots?

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you might be able to get away with one pair of boots, and have the R stretched wider, and the L stretched longer.   Liners:   foam might be a good option, as it can help fill in where it is needed


you REALLY should go see a good boot fitter in the next few years and start a conversation with them...

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