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Greetings to All--

This is to let everyone know that I sent out the June newsletter yesterday. We have reformatted it, so it even includes pictures, and as always it contains information and updates concerning next January's academy.

We'll be putting out the newsletter on a monthly basis into the fall, then it will pick up frequency as we get closer to ski season. The newsletter's content varies--from major announcements (like last month's announcement of venue and dates) to logistical fine points (such as, this month, if you'd like to economize and room with someone at the Academy, contact me so I can put you on the list). I do try to keep it focused on the Academy itself.

If aren't on the on the newsletter distribution list and would like to be added, please PM or email me at If you are on the list, and didn't get the newsletter, let me know that, too (I'm already trying to resolve a couple of busted addresses).

Best to all and I hope everyone is having a great summer.

sno'more a/k/a the Head Sherpa