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Boots for Narrow Skinny Womens feet - Dabello Lotus Kr2?

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A new member but I promise I'm not gonna be a one post and run!!!

I am having real difficulties with boots - I have very narrow feet and had some Solomon boots that are 98 last but have so much volume. I have packed them out so much all around the ankle and Achilles. However they are still not great and I crank them so that they are super painful to fit.

Our local boot fitter has convinced me to get the Dalbello Lotus KR2 as they are meant to be super low volume and also stiffer due to the 3 piece. My Solomon's flex a lot at the bend of the boot and pinch my instep, although i do not realise that is happening I usually cannot feel my feet all day when skiing in the Solomon's. Therefore the 3 piece of the Dalbello is meant to be the best option. However I have tried them and there is still a hell of a lot of space in the heels and ankle, too much to be able to control skiing even with a footbed and some ankle spacers in them. Apparently this is the most low volume boot I can find?

I wanted to know whether the Dalbello is really a low volume boot. My roommate bought them 2 years ago and had to sell them because they are not high volume enough for her. Is it just false advertising by Dalbello that they are some of the lowest volume on the market.

I tried her intuition liner in the dalbellos and It improved things hugely. Is this the only answer for someone with extremely narrow ankles and heel, I have to have a high volume intuition liner to make any narrow boot work?

Does anyone know of a lower volume Womens boot with a stiffness of 100ish?
I have the option to return the Lotus

Thanks very very much for any help
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One of the Heat moldable boots (the plastic shell is heat moldable), if done properly, should solve your problem.  Several brands are available---even more next season.



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The Lotus is one of Dalbellos low volume boots in there line. We call it more generous low volume (can be roomy in places). If you have a true low volume foot we have had good luck with the Head raptor b5rd.

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Thanks very much for the quick replies.

Sound like my +$500 is going to be better spent on a different boot then, shame as the Lotus seems like a very good boot.

A friend suggested getting a high volume intuition for the Lotus, but I just cannot afford to spend an extra $200 on top of the $500!!

I will take some foot measurements and report back if they would be useful. Off to research the heat mouldable boots too!

Thanks again
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So I checked out the Head Raptors and they are a 2 piece boot.
Due to the way a 2 piece boot collapses when flexed and the shape of the top of my foot I have been told that a 3 piece boot will not cause my feet to get cold and/or lose all feeling as they presently do in my 2 piece Solomon's.

So ideally I'm after some 3 piece, womens, 100ish flex womens boots.

Pretty much all the skiing I do is "big mountain", always off piste and usually blacks or double blacks.

Thanks again
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as you want a 3 piece shell you have pretty much written off 98% of all the boots made  your options are currently the KR2 or the full tilt (unless i am missing something)


if they are not low volume enough then they just wont work, so by limiting to one boot type you have to compromise on the fit

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Ok so might be stuck with a two piece boot then.
Trying to find a local shop with the previously suggested Head Raptor to try
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and in a 2 pc shell you have LOTS of options around the 100 flex in sub 98mm   Most jr race boots have go to a 100 flex, and the adult versions start at 100 flex.  

The Jr are cheaper prices, but usually much poorer liners, and buckles and less options.  (there is a reason they are a cheaper price)


you are in Jackson?   I think you have some good fitters in your area, and some on our "recomended list" too.

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