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Binding Removal Help - N ADV P.R. EVO - Nordica

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Hi All...I am trying to understand how the EVO rail system works for these ski.  I understand how the toe piece goes on and off and is adjusted for the DIN.  There are two screws above the anti friction plate that release that one from the rail and the front screw for the DIN.  The heel piece and brake have me confused.  I have read that most of them have two screws for adjustment one for forward pressure and the other for the DIN.  However all I have is one screw for the DIN and another that appears to be just securing the binding.  I can't figure out how to remove the heel piece and brake from the rail, I can only adjust the DIN setting on the heel.  I tried removing that screw to the far left and nothing..I am assuming there is something else that needs the be done to get it to slide off..Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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yes I have the same problem with the older Salomon BIndings you sinply raised the bar with a screw driver and moved the binding. Only the toe piece appears to move on these bindings which means different skiers ski at different points from the sweet spot on the ski depending on your shoe size??


The NOrdica binding and ski set with the ADV Pro binding are set at about 3 ort 4 cm back from my Elan Slalom race skie with the EVO binding hence on this ski with the Nordica binding you ski on the tails if you use the factory settings this is the same as the Nordica Enfortcer sweet spot on a 168 ski all are back from slalom setting.  From memory it used to be Slalom 3 cm forward GS 2 cm forward and Downhill on the sweet spot centre or behind. Powder was usually set about 2=-3 cm behind the downhill setting.as you want the tips to stay up above the snow without straining to lean back all the time. I set the Nordica Enforcer 168 skis with an Atomic Bindings  on their sweet mid sole spot for deep powder with size 9 boots and this works great.     .


I bought the ski and bindings with the idea of being able to adjust to midpoint of the boot to suit the conditions on the day alas like you I did not receive any instructions with the binding on how this can be changed as only the tow piece moves ??????? even though there is a slide for the heel piece. Usually I mount all my own bindings but I let the shop do this one.


Despite the back placed setting the Nordica Transwire 168 is very stable at very high speeds 90km/hr and above en piste only a small rattle from the tips at speed and no speed wobble.


Guess we'll get someone who is placed well to give us an answer. I'm back to the shop with the skis and bindings (2 pairs tomorrow ) to find if they can assist and I'll let you know how I get on ???   


Maybe the heel piece will move easily without totally dismantling the white plastic and metal running plate from the ski? .   Otherwise the bindings and the ski have limited interest for someone skiing various terrains at various speeds  on the same day.

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Thanks for the MARKER link very useful.

Appears that there is no easy independent adjustment of the heel piece.

Went to the shop and looked at the unmounted skis.

to remove heel piece you have to unscrew the rail screw which on your pictures is the last screw on the far left and also the lowest screw.

you then simply push off the binding heel piece over the rail towads the rear of the ski.


It may be possible to disengage the rail teeth on the backing plate and move these to a new place on the teeth plate in order to have the toe piece at least 3 cm forward of its factory position. Maybe this will also work for the heel piece too.


for what's left of the season I may opt to keep them where they are and use my Elan Race skis for piste and the Nordica skis for high speed piste skiing or for powder.


thanks for your thread seems to be all I can find on the web on the subject except for the Marker/Nordica manual link kindly provided by another fine gentleman.   

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