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Kudos to the Organizers

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I would like to start a thread of THANK YOU! for the organizers of our fine Academy. It is becoming obvious that a lot of time and effort has gone into the planning.

I could not attend ESA I. Despite that, it is quickly becoming clear to me that there is tremendous value in what we have been offered. They have made accomodations for all levels -- both good and not so good skiers (I am of the latter group). The housing arrangements are flexible (and the on mountain accomodations are less than 1/2 price.) And now arranging for the option of kids Academy, goes beyond the call of duty. (But I don't have kids they'd accept! Mine are furry and 4 legged!)

An early thanks to all. Good job. And it is appreciated.


PS -- I am willing to volunteer, but didn't know that I was already on a subcommittee. LOL.
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Thanks, Casey, speaking for myself. I have you down as the Olympic Bobsled subcommittee. Is subcommittee more word than is necessary? How about lobbyist? Casey is the bobsled lobbyist. Fox is the beer and wet t-shirt lobbyist. Lobby on!
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Yeah, kudos to the organisers, my only problem with lobbyists is that I'm not sure exactly what they do. Are they supposed to financially "encourage" the main committee to see things their way?

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Fox, you are the Funmeister. Casey is the Bobsled Lobby.

Then again, lobbyists may be the people standing in the entrance hall of Extended Stay saying, "Anyone need a ride?"

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Kudos to everyone who Makes It Happen! You're all some kind of SPECIAL!
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