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heavy duty ski gloves

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I have gone through several pairs of ski gloves over the past few years a pair only seems to last me on average about 4 weeks of skiing. 

My last pair mammut nordwand goretex pro shell eiger extreme cost me $170 and burst open after just 2 weeks skiing.


Does anyone know the best for their toughness?



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Stop falling!  :duck:


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?? no falling involved 



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maybe sizing is the issue… try a larger size…. My gloves literally last for seasons of use 

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Yup, leather.  Treat them with vaseline every now and then.  Make sure it wraps around the fingers a bit, if not all the way, or you'll just cut it up in the seams.

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Size is definitely not an issue

I treat all gloves with leather balm and wax to keep them supple and waterproof 

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Then get cheap hardware store ones - Kinco 901.  Less than $20/pr.  

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Originally Posted by fatal View Post


I had one cheap pair of gloves give up after just one slide on fairly rough ice, and I wasn't even going all that fast (maybe 40 mph).

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Some other Kinco's to look at are 94HK (pigskin) and 90HK (deerskin). The 901's have gotten stiff, and the reinforced palm is nice if you're riding rope tows (that's how old I am) or shoveling and doing other work but not really necessary for skiing--the palm isn't what i wear out.

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Leather will work.  Not the warmest, but they will stand the test of time.  I wear leather gloves on the motorcycle track along with a leather suit. I have been down and the leather has saved my hide :)

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LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

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Try Hestra Alpine Pro gloves/mitts/3 fingers. Many different models to choose from in multiple colors

most with leather palms and removable liners and most important they are warm. Come in 8 differnt sizes from 5-12 so you can usually find one that will fit really well. Moderately expensive but I have owned the Hestra Heli glove (photo) for 4 years now and still in good shape. Amazon and Backcountry usually have them cheaper than the Hestra site sells them for.

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black diamond guide glove, warm and burly leather glove! I can pretty much speak for black diamond and hestra gloves... great quality and durable!

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Marks Work Wear..they have a leather work glove that has an elastic cuff. Around $12. I bought 4 pair 2 seasons ago.1 pair I ski in,1 pair I lost,1 pair I gave away,the other pair I wear as gloves,work in,ski in. I bought 4 pair because my 110 Lb American Lab used to drag me haha..and the 1" nylon strap leash used to cut through the palms in NO TIME! Other leather gloves did not last long. Mark's offered me a warranty..haha..on a $12 pair of gloves.SOoo I bought 4 pair.

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Kinco cowhide mittens $15 at you local hardware store.  Warm enough. Rugged enough.  You can buy 10 pairs for less than you paid for 1.

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I'd stay away from cowhide--it tends to dry out, stiffen, and crack after getting wet. Pigskin better. 

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if we want durable gloves get the Kincos, they are not warm, they are not waterproof but they will not get shredded. 

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