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Prop Skis at the Olympics?

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What' up with the prop skis used in the leader's corral?  Julia Mancuso. Bode Miller, and Travis Ganong all skied on white Head speed skis but in the leader's corral they all had shorter black Head skis with much more pronounced side cut.  Why do they do this?  Is Head trying to promote the black ispeed model or is it just for cinematography  - since the regular speed skis would tower above the racers?

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The racers have to turn over the skis they raced on after the race for inspection. They then use other skis to have next to their face for all the interviews.
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Sibhusky part of this is true, but not completely. FIS does check material on the end of the race (after skier leaves finish area), but this has very little to do with what skis are presented then in leader's box or during flower ceremony. Skis presented there are the ones particular company is trying to push through in marketing. I admit I don't know much about Head skis and their current models, but it's same with pretty much everyone else. For example with Fischer their "podium" skis are normally Worldcup RC (no matter if it's SL, GS, or DH race), even though noone of skiers use them for anything, not even free skiing outside of trainings. For podiums they push skis which they would like to sell.

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why is this such as big issue with people? it has been going on for ages...

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Part of the role of being a pro-sponsered athlete.


You need to know how to take pictures, and do dumb things like bite a medal, or hold an award or big check just right.


Have you seen F1 racing?  They put on rolex or tag or other watches and hats and other stuff just for the podium ceremony.

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