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Not GoPro

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Snowboarder, Eva Samkova was said to be "...riding a board that appeared [to be] propelled by booster rockets..." when she clinched the gold medal yesterday. But what was on her head? I did some trolling and found it to be a REPLAY camera. Anybody heard of them? I think they've been around longer. Looks like solid technology! http://replayxd.com/


Eva Samkova of the Czech Republic leads the group during the Ladies’ Snowboard Cross Final on day nine of the Sochi Olympics.

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The specs don't hold up with the newer GoPro cameras and the reviews and B&H aren't stellar.  I bet she wore it due to its streamlined form compared to a GoPro.


T. -- www.wasatchreport.com

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Rather get a sony or a gopro tbh. 

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yep, go pros are bulky, but they're leading the tech specs war.


T. -- www.wasatchreport.com

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There are probably a dozen or two GoPro competitors on the market, some from brands you've never heard of, some from major companies like Panasonic and Sony. A couple of goggles, sunglasses and helmets with integrated cams, too, if you really want something without added bulk.
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