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Not GoPro

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Snowboarder, Eva Samkova was said to be "...riding a board that appeared [to be] propelled by booster rockets..." when she clinched the gold medal yesterday. But what was on her head? I did some trolling and found it to be a REPLAY camera. Anybody heard of them? I think they've been around longer. Looks like solid technology!


Eva Samkova of the Czech Republic leads the group during the Ladies’ Snowboard Cross Final on day nine of the Sochi Olympics.

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The specs don't hold up with the newer GoPro cameras and the reviews and B&H aren't stellar.  I bet she wore it due to its streamlined form compared to a GoPro.


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Rather get a sony or a gopro tbh. 

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yep, go pros are bulky, but they're leading the tech specs war.


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There are probably a dozen or two GoPro competitors on the market, some from brands you've never heard of, some from major companies like Panasonic and Sony. A couple of goggles, sunglasses and helmets with integrated cams, too, if you really want something without added bulk.
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