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Hey all


This is the best part. Get to look into new gear and hear whats changed in the 7 years since I bought my old TFs


My Nordica Top Fuels have been my go-to resort day ski for about 7 years and they're starting to feel a bit skied out. They could handle everything from hard packed to crud, and I'm looking for a ski that can do the same.


I used to race, and I loved how I could throw the TFs on edge and handle high if not top speed. It was also solid on everything from bumps to crud and even managed soft snow decently. Only in the trees  did they turn from a solid ski into kamikaze death sticks. 


So I'm looking for a ski that can variable conditions, and It must be a good to great on the groomers.


All thoughts, recommendations are appreciated.


My specs:


6'3" but only 155lbs

Expert skier

I skied the TF's at 178cm

I used to ski 80+ days a year but have moved around and manage about 15-30 days a year