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What about renting a house BIG ONE that will accommodate 20 people (so far we have 16+ participants) or 2 smaller houses, townhouses or condos close to each other.
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We'll need to know whether it'll be Plan A or Plan B by mid-July, because we'll really need to get moving on the clinic and on accomodations of the less expensive kind.

If Plan A isn't born by the second or third week in July, we'll need to go forward with Plan B.

Either way, it will happen.
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I just wanted to add my name to the list of those interested in attending, particularly if it is in Vermont, and most especially if it is in the Banana Belt!
I also offer my services in searching out "reasonable" accomodations for traveling Bears. BTW..Nothing in or around Ludlow is "reasonable" during skiing season.
Gotta go load the banana boat.
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I'll back up Hugo's statement about nothing being reasonably priced around Okemo. This is one of the few places in ski country that charges top dollar for everything prior to the Holidays. The last time I went there before Christmas, (two years ago), they were charging full price for a lift ticket ($54), with only 20 some trails open, with marginal cover, and the trails that were open were so crowded that I was fearing for our safety. After one day of that, we packed up and headed north. Been there, done that, won't do it again.
It seems to me that if people are willing to travel from far and wide to attend this event, then some consideration should be given to try to give them the best experience possible. Why not have it at some place like Stowe, where they have great early season ski and stay packages, an endless variety of lodging, dining and shopping options, are much more likely to have abundant natural snowfall at that time of year, and is a fun place to visit even if we're having one of those years when the early season conditions aren't that great.
I'm not trying to knock Ludlow, I stop there frequently during the season (but not to ski), and I have my bones to pick with the mountain at Stowe, too. But for an early season gathering, I think it's something that should be taken in to consideration.
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Good points, Mac. I am not from there yet, so I don't know, but which place will have the best snow at that time?

Okemo was extremely crowded the weekend I was there, but I skied on a Friday, and it wasn't bad at all. Saturday I stayed on all the blacks..there were less people there, but still marginally unbearable.

Farther north, for better snow and less of a crowd, gains my vote. Does Stowe have that?
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Well, here's an answer for you: http://www.stowe.com/onslope/snow_report.php

Last year Stowe had almost every trail open by mid-December. I seem to remember tree skiing during the demo day which I think was the first week in December.
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As I recall, it was easier to find cheaper lodging near Stowe, at a place that would even allow my doggie to stay.
As far as crowds go, the last time I was there was Feb. 14, 2 years ago. The lift lines were so long, that our group lesson only got 3 runs in for a 2 hour session!As academy participants, we do NOT have lift line privleges. Perhaps it would be different in Dec.

Keep in mind, all this is academic unless we have approval from the resort IN WRITING!!!!
So if anyone has connections at any of these mountains, the time to get approval is now.
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Epic, you are right. Last season in mid December they had waist deep powder in the woods and nearly every trail open.
Lisamarie, you are also right. During the regular season I seldom go there on weekends. Too crowded and too expensive. They need to update some of their older lifts to spread the crowds out. Now everybody just flocks to the gondola or the quad, resulting in huge liftlines. Those are the reasons that I do most of my skiing there before Christmas. Totally different ballgame at that time of year. For some reason, the crowds just don't show up there till the holidays, and you pretty much have the whole place to yourself. There's so much lodging available that they are very competetive with their pricing at that time of year. I know of numerous places that are large enough to accomodate everybody that would want to attend.
There are other places that typically have good early season conditions, but none of them have the total package that Stowe can offer.
Sorry to have let the cat out of the bag, Epic. Now the whole world knows our little secret. Go to Killington or Okemo during that time period, and the slopes are mobbed. Why the crowds don't seem to migrate any further north around that time is a mystery to me.
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No mystery, really. People who drive up from "down-country" think that three hours of driving is enough; and Okemo consistently offers decent snow. Killington has both the altitude to make and hold snow, and the acreage to absorb a large army of skiers.
I happen to love Stowe too, but it's hardly the place to go to avoid crowds ... on weekends anyway.
Another thing to remember....further north does not necessarily mean more snow. Last season it was southern Vermont that got the lion's share of the big storms. And what has usually been called the "snow belt" of Vermont has been the southern half. That was until bananas became our main cash crop.
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From Oboe's earlier post, I think he has decided to organize an early season event himself. Since the whole event reqires at least the mountain's consent, we should let Oboe choose the location that offers the best package of discounts and amenities.
For myself, I prefer Stowe to Okemo, and less expensive is better than more expensive, but if my schedule permits I would participate anywhere in Vermont or NY.

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Stowe is in Oboe's backyard, and it gets my vote. It seems to have universal appeal already. Oboe is on a working vacation for a little while, but when he gets back, perhaps he can get the approval for us? I don't want to speak without facts, and maybe that is not possible, but let's find out!

All opposed? Let's make this one EASY!
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A friend turned me on to some cabins within 15 min. of Stowe for roughly $35 pp/per nite. I think they're called 1894 Cabins, I'll get the exact name and location.

Also, there's a motel in Ludlow that has a Ski&Stay @ Okemo for $79 pp/per nite, the Pine something or other.

I'll try to get the dirt on both.
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Hey I'm probably in, too, as long as it's just Sat/Sun.

I blew all my 2003 vacation days already doing two western ski trips. Nada until Jan 2004 that aren't already booked for family events.

Also possibly depending on whether a certain someone finally attends EpicDrive Academy [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

<span style="font-style:italic;color:green;font-size:x-small">edit: a weekend is Sat/Sun, not Fri/Sat. duh!

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This place was highly recommended by friends for a more rustic, self service type situation.

1836 Cabins Stowe Rd., Stowe, VT, 802-244-8533, Modern cabins in a lovely 200 acre woodland setting.

This place had one of the more affordable ski&swtay rates, and was close to the Mountain

Timber Inn Motel
112 Route 103 South, Ludlow, VT 05149
Phone 802-228-8666 Toll Free 877 606 1479 Fax 802-228-8703
Email timberinn@tds.net
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Count me in. I am also seriously considering going to the academyII so this sounds like a great intro.
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Anything to report? Do we have a venue? Are we there yet?
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Sit tight, and your patience will be rewarded. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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With oboe at the helm, things will sort out! You go Dude!

Patiently waiting, as it's another 5 months away! :
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Originally posted by Bonni:
With oboe at the helm, things will sort out! You go Dude!

Patiently waiting, as it's another 5 months away! :
5 months! Now that's depressing. BTW, I'd be interested as well if there's room. After all it's only a measley 6-8 hour trip from down here. That's just a hop for great skiing. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Too very cool, sportscoach13! A Pre-Academy Meeting would be wonderful!

It's severely depressing that it's 5 months away, but more than that is the amount of insufferable summer that we have to endure while we wait.

Even my glass of water is sweating.

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The Eastern Tune-Up newsletter is posted here:

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I have GOT to get out and meet you folks...This looks like a weekend that will work. I am penciling this in! The family and I can use a good early season VT trip and I have one coming from work. Time to make reservations.
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