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Other SLC activities

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I floated this idea by sno'more, and he thought I should throw it out to the group.

In all my excitement about ESA, I drug out my Utah ski guide. It mentioned that SLC is the home to one of the 2 bobsled tracks in the country (the other being Lake Placid.)

It reminded me that in Igls Austria, they run the bobsled tracks for the tourists, on the track of the 1964? Olympics. We were lucky enough to do it and it was a blast. (A professional bobsledder drives the car, the rest hold on for dear life).

If you like roller coasters, especially the Matterhorn at Disneyland, you would love this. It is a kick. I ran into the Olympic venue webpage, and low and behold, SLC offers the same experience.

Now, they don't list the price on the page, as now they are advertising for summer bobsledding (in wheeled cars). I suspect that it is $$$$$$ (summer is listed as $65, and it comments that is a big discount--YIKES).

My question to the SLC locals -- anyone know the scoop on this? What is the price? Can anyone get us a group discount?

Casey O -- counting the days to ESA II!
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Another activity to consider for an extended SLC visit -- the Sundance Film Festival is January 15 - 25 (conveniently ending the day before the Academy starts).

Just an FYI.
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When it first opened a few years ago, it was $100.
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Casey, I think the ride itself costs only 10 bucks; the rest it's probably a lifeinsurace policy you take while you're holding on for dear life... [img]smile.gif[/img]

In any case, for $85 they better throw in a medal as well, just to sweeten up the deal a bit!
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Casey, it's a whopping $200/person to feel the G's in a bobsled during the winter. Those I've spoken with who have been down in the summer say they'd strongly consider dropping the cash for a winter ride, it was that much fun on wheels.

On the other hand, for that amount of cash, you can rent a van, drive to Jackson, crash at the hostel, and get in two days of thigh-quivering, rip-snorting skiing.
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Hello all!

This note is late, as I have been doing research! I finally got an answer from the Olympic Park folks. I was looking for a group discount, something they kept avoiding to address.

Bad news is that there are no discounts. They have a hard time getting drivers, so demand is greater than supply, and there is no motivation to discount.

Unfortunately, the previous quoted price is also correct. $200 per person. Yikes.

So, if you are interested, PM me (or post here), and I will get back to them w/approximate numbers. It does sell out, so they'd like an approximate date. I'd love to do it, but don't know that I can justify the expense.

And, I agree w/someone else's post that I think liability insurance drives alot of the cost. In Austria, it is $70/person. But in Austria, frivolous lawsuits are thrown out by the court clerk!

Think Snow -- I understand that Utah has some in the near future (if not already).

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I rode the bobsled in Lake Placid about 15 years ago (only $25 back then) and it was a lot more "thrilling" then we expected. Definitely glad I did it. You were also able to luge; no driver or brakeman there, you were able to look foolish all by yourself!
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Thanks for carrying this forward. $200 a pop is pretty steep, well into the yikes zone. I mentioned the luge as a possibilty in the October newsletter, but if the Utah Olympic Park is fully booked at that price, I don't know what to say.

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