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Powder Mtn - 2/25 - 3/4 - Page 2

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We are chilling at the condo down the road from Powder Mtn thinking about lunch for tomorrow. When I read your comment, my son wanted to know precisely how many people have been killed by the salad bar. Do you have data? I might stick to the greasy burger, just to be on the safe side.😁😁😁biggrin.gif
Apparently it's taken 3 known victims. Total number is unknown. Hope you guys made it up today. It was epic!
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I probably shouldn't ask, but how's the snow? I'm missing this storm because of travel and have been assuring myself that it's heavy cement smile.gif
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It was buttery smooth & fun at Powder Mt today…..not Utah blower but certainly not  cement.   Powder Country was just amazing in the morning  and still skiing untracked at 4 if you knew where to look for it (and I do) :rolleyes

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