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Boots for my New Fischer RX8's

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OK, Thanks to all that have responded I have bit the bullet and ordered a pair of RX8's. I am now thinking of new boots. Currently I have Head EX-On's. These were recommended to me by a local shop as an improvement over my Salomon Sports because of their comfort. My arch and heel tend to cramp up frequently. I know boots are kind of a personal thing but I was hoping you all could steer me in the right direction. I am not looking to go super high end and I don't race. I would like something middle of the road that is comfortable and will enhance the experience of my RX8's.

Please advise.



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I am not familiar with Head EX-Ons. If they are a otherwise good boot and the liner is still in good shape they likely can be modified to work for you.

Boots are such a personal thing you really have to try on different brands and models. Since the Fischer RX8 is a high performance ski you should perhaps start your search with those models just below the race category that are laterally stiff or even some of the race boots with liners that are thick enough to provide all day comfort.

One thing that some of the skiing magazines do reasonably well is describe the overall volume, heel pocket, toe box, instep and mid-foot dimensions of various brands and boots reasonably well. This should help you begin your search. Then find a good bootfitter. Epic Ski has a list that you can refer to. You might also want to read Jeff Bergeron's thread here. He is considered among the country's top bootfitters and has some intersting comments on the strengths and deficiencies of different models. Better yet see him in Colorado if you can.

Make sure that your footbed is a good one that has been fitted well and bring it with you when you try on boots. If you do a search here you will find a lot of tips and advice on shopping for and trying on boots such as best time of day, best time of year and various methods of modifications etc.
Good luck. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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