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question for racers, racersx and coaches

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How short do you think is too short. I am 6ft, 175lbs and have pretty extensive racing backround. I was on 188 GS and 170 SL last year. I am asking because I am debating between dropping to a 183 GS and 163 SL. The idea behind this is that it will be easier to demonstrate when I am coaching. The problem is that when I get to go ski for my self, are these lengths going to feel good. I am doing the odd masters race and I am almost sure that 163 Sl would feel good. So my main question is centered around the 183 for GS. Any ideas or experiences would be appreciated.
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I'm going to be following this thread too. Currently, my skis are P-40's...... SL 170 and GS 188.

I'm always looking for an excuse to buy new skis!
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As opposed to saying what you should ski, here is a sample of who is skiing what. Information is either direct, or from their coaches

Kilian Albrecht, Austrian National Team--163, he preferred this lenght over the 155
Most US Ski Team men--155-158
Most Austrian Team men--155
Kjetil Andre Ammodt--155
Martin Tichy, Canadian NorAm--158, probably going to 156
Michael Tichy, Canadian NorAm--168 (220 plus pounds)

Typical lengths are 190-193. Many are experimenting with 188.

I spent a few days on Mt. Hood training on a 156 Stockli and a 158 K2. The Stockli was new, the K2 from last spring. I could go shorter, and probably will (153).

We will not allow any of our racers to ski anything longer than a 160 for SL, and will encourage 155 for men. Our men will ski 181-188 GS.

A number of us will experiment on a 178 in November.

In early Novemaber, most of the World Cup and US regional teams will be training at Loveland; we will know exactly who is skiing what.
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I skied the 183(1?)cm saloman 2v with a plate this summer and it convinced me to go down to the low 180's. (5'11 185lbs) With a plate it's still a lot of ski especially for turny gs.
It definitely seems the way to go.

Hey ed, or anyone,
would you recommend for j 4 racers who only use 1 ski and ski tight gs to go with the slalom skis? Specifics: 12yr,105lb,160cm ht; 9yr,90lb, 145cm ht. Eastern trails.

I was thinking 142cm slalom and 135cm slalom.
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I skied a 184 P40-F1(green/black stripes). this spring. It seemed plenty stable. I am debating between 184 and 178 for GS this year(Elan). I tried last years Nordica 160 SL this summer. If I were buying SL skis I think IO would go shorter. As it is, if I ski any SL I plan to use 163 HCXs.
I put one of my J2 girls on 178 GS skis last year. That was definetly the right choice.
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edgreen, I thought that FIS regulations limited the minimum length for GS to 184cm? Have they decided not to implement that regulation also?
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I posted an earlier email from Walt Evans of USSA concerning enforcement of FIS sizes. To summarize, FIS regs only at NorAm and World Cups. Anyother event has no size restriction.

For womens GS, there is no 184 cm FIS size limit, only 21M turn radius. See page 3 of FIS Specification for Competition Equipment.

I have a 105 pound FIS level J2 daughter. Last year she skied a 170 cm GS, and a 142 cm jr GS for SL, 178 SG/DH. This year, DH 186, SG 178, GS 165-170, SL 138-142.

Tog: Glad you're ok. I have some friends who were fairly close to that mess also.<FONT size="1">

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Help ! I understood the new FIS regs did not impact most USSA racers. It seems now that the length requirements do not impact most kids, but turning radius requirements do. Pretty confused. Comments please.
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To repeat, there is NO restriction for the vast USSA race world including regional FIS races as far as ski length or turn radius.

Maximum height from bottom of ski to bottom of boot is 50 mm for J3 and younger skiers, and 55 mm for J2 and older. This will be enforced.

Boots: 45 mm max for all women and J3 and younger. 50 mm for men and J2 and older men. Distance is between ski boot sole and base of heel. I don't believe this will be enforced except at NorAm and World Cup levels unless it is really overt. Most standard unisex boots are over 45 mm. Junior boots are under 45 mm.
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Ed, Thanks for the clairification. Though I think that the rules will still be inforced in Canada at the FIS level.

I spoke with my rep last night and ordered the P50 SL 163 and P50 F1 183.
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