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Snowboard boot instep pain

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For the past 15 years of skiing and snowboarding, I've always had horrid pain. It's usually in the metatarsal and toe box area. My feet are ridiculously wide, flat, and have narrow heels. I've gone through about 8 different pairs of boots with no luck. On this one, I finally decided to go against the usual tight fit. I bought a sloppy fitting boot to compensate and get enough room in the toe box. Sure enough, my metatarsal pain was solved. I tried all sorts of orthotics, custom, off the shelf, etc, before this, but never had results until now. While these boots didn't cause metatarsal pain, there were two issues. The first being the obvious sloppy fit causing heel lift, and the second being the major one, instep pain. 



Cutting the the chase here with what I had tried. 



Popping in my orthotics- Foot felt more comfortable, but opened up more room and heel lift.

J/c bars around ankles- Some heel lift gone, still not all.

Stiff orthotic foam underneath the whole insole- Much less sloppy fit. Some response suffered, but oh well. I'm an aasi level 2 instructor that rides and teaches park all day. The extra dampening is pretty sweet. 

Very minor heel lift- Heel lift gone, instep pain persisted

Thin foam over instep area- solved some of the pain, but not all. No more sloppy fit, just like slippers until after lunch time.

Shin bang eliminator- Helped a lot, but still persists. 


Problem comes back up after lunch time, these little fitting techniques have helped, but my instep pain is still there. Because of the pressure point, I also lose a bit of circulation and my toes go cold. 


The boots I'm using are Vans infuse. They have been heat molded and packed out. Regular laces+ 1 boa dial for the ankle. 







I still have a bunch of foam that I can use. I can also get creative here. Thoughts? Need to get rid of the pressure point ASAP. 

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Pain still persists. I am going to put more foam over the top of my whole foot in an attempt to keep the boots as loose as possible while keeping a tight fit. Perhaps the looseness and the extra foam will redistribute the pressure point. 

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