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Trying to get back in the saddle

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Or is that "bindings"? I started a new thread because the only categories this fit into were a little old. I just wanted to share our experiences so far since getting to NID in December. 1st of all, we love it and have only touched the surface but have taken a good look below the surface. Now, to skiing. We bought season passes to Silver because of it's proximity to Cda with the intention of trying the other "local" areas during the season. The toils of moving have had more impact than expected and not having skied for 2 (3 in my wife's case) seasons has taken their toll. As much as I hate to admit it, age might be a factor as well. We've skied Silver 7 days not counting the day the gondola was closed. Our new plan is to learn as much as we can about Silver and maybe ski Lookout and Schweitzer at least once before the season is over but we don't want to do the latter until our ski legs can make the most of it. I've been looking at the other INW threads and have some snow comments about Silver. We have had every possible condition in those 7 days. Yesterday it was raining up to just below the top of the gondola then there was heavy snow which lasted for a while. Surface conditions went from silky smooth to snow boulders and the upper parts were generally better than the lower. Trouble with my bindings exacerbated the difficulty. On 2/10 we had a great day in the powder and continuous snow with no eqpt. problems. I also saw the positive comments about the ski shack and would like to get more feedback on them. Lastly, I want to buy some used or demo skis and need advice on where to go. I'll be looking for recent vintage, all mountain, light weight. Thanks for reading.


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Ski Shack is a long standing shop in Hayden. Shop is run by guys who actually ski on all their days off. Good service, probably the go-to shop in CDA area.


Most of us buy our used skis online, here at EpicSki or TGR. To generalize, the used ski selection locally beyond demos is pretty limited and often overpriced.


But you might try looking at the demos up at Silver. Ask when they put them on sale (might be a month or two yet) They have a bunch of all mountain skis to try for a flat rate per day. Demo fee goes towards purchase if you end up liking something (as with most the local shops). 

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Thanks Mike.


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Locally, demos go on sale NOW. In a month, they'll be gone. Don't wait.
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Pooks, do you still have my phone #, love to ski silver or lookout with ya.  My wife skis too.


Ditto with Mike.  Ski shack in Hayden first rate shop.  Demo ski's also internet, craiglist.  What are you looking for?  Lookout ski shop in Kellogg has good selection but not good prices, demo's up on top of Silver I think are way overpriced too.  Epic, TGR, craigslist, Ebay about the best.  Or, Kotennia (sic) ski swap in Oct/Nov for best buys.


Don't know if you noticed but Silver is open all 7 days this week.


Ihave been posting conditions for Silver and Lookout every time I go, so is Mike.  One thing you have to realize, Silver's snow report is bogus.


Example, this morning Sun. Silver reports 1 in. of new.  So I checked Lookout (they are accurate) and they reported 5 inches.  So I figured Silver had at least 5.  Correct 5-8 inches depending on where you were.

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Pete, I have your info. I actually started the above post with the purpose of explaining why I haven't taken up the kind offers to tour with us. We're still getting comfortable on the boards. 2 or 3 more days on the snow and we'll probably be ready. You will hear from me. I bought skis today; went back to my roots and got some high end k2 slalom skis from 04-05. I'll be trying them tomorrow. Thanks.

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Silver Mountain Sports is blowing out their Demo Skis!
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