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Blizzard/ Nordica/Dynastar/Salomon Ski reviews: State of the Art... Mag-Lev-Lasers... mostly

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Last week some ski-dealers had a test session on the Dave Murray timing-flats... Great snow-making = Bolivian blow and it was cold enough for me to put NASCAR duct-tape on my goggles. This also meant the ice patches were well preserved. Great test conditions for skinny skis which is all I had been skiing on here for the season... laughing at the dudes on fats on hard pack waiting weeks for fresh... Die Fat Skis. Die.

I should say these reviews are written by an 'expert' for 'experts' so if you aren't - you may not get it.  These are Race-Carvers. NO Skidding. Steering, yes but only as part of a turn, as needed. 40 to 50 Mph is a gas on these.  All these skis were in the 165 - 177cm range.

Blizzard G-Force FS... I tried this ski a few years ago when it had a bit of orange - now it has green hi-lites.  ( White version is the 13.5 meter S-Power ).  Still a killer. I have to be careful not to spend all the great adjectives/similies here because I still have to write about the Blizzard WRC and Nordica Doberman Spitfire Pro.

Buy any of these skis. Sell something or do over-time. Just great skis... $1,600...  BUCKS !!

You Will Ski Better On These Skis.  Smoothosity in abundance and great hook-up without a threat of a High-side smack. I don't know how these Blizzards can provide such performance and yet be so smooth.  Full Suspension works... The Pistons are filled with blood.


Blizzard WRC had more race performance and more feed-back and less insulation. I think the radius on this is 19meters and bigger than the R-power's 17meters... This WRC is a great master's GS ski. I really felt the square low tip start the carve on these skis: in fact I found myself watching the tip just to make sure it really was carving from there and when I asked about it I was told that Blizz had dumped the rockered tip on the R-Power and WRC...

Normal Camber Rules. OK.


Blizzard RCS Slalom. At first, this felt and skied light and whimpy where normally a WorldCup SL locks you into an arc and you fear for your ACL's.  Then I relaxed on it and it went from turn to turn more smoothly. I added a bit more speed and it got better and on the last pitches I carved big GS arcs without a problem... At the tent I was asked what I thought and said it was kind of schizophrenic and that I needed more time to figure it out... it was not obvious. This seemed to be the agreement among the Blizz guys, too. 'See': he said to his buddy.


Nord-Dobe-Spitfire Pro EDT.  GOD-HELL !!  This is another ONE.  Smooth. Damp. Grip. NO Chatter- At All.   Warp-Drive.  Nice transition from slip to grip. BIG SWEET SPOT. These were also the sharpest edges I have found on a demo-ski: it was icy and i skied without any dust behind me. All that being said they were just a bit better than the R-power and WRC. And that square tip... Nice. Nordica went back to a flat top-sheet instead of channeled.


Nordica FireArrow Pro. Excellent ! Really good grip too. A razor on the ice. The biggest thing I noticed was that when I hit the ski's 'limit' it got harsh. The rep said it was because there was no EDT on this ski. I realize that it skied like my Dynastar Speed Course Ti's. They get harsh at their limit too. Then they high-side you into the trees... 


Dynastar CR 72 Pro Xpress. This skied easy. It carved easy. This would be a great early season ski to use while growing muscles to handle the real rippin'. Dynastar calls this an Intermed to Advanced and they nailed it. I skied it in its range and it worked great. It made me wonder how good the rest of the CR line is and it may just be a replacement for the Speed Course Ti line.... 

Salomon X Race 176cm 17meter.  I demo'd an Enduro XT800 a few weeks ago: it was a depressing ride. After trying the X Race, I have come to the conclusion that Early Rise is bogus. It kills the feel of the ski hooking up from the tip. This  X Race had none of the nuclear physics demonstrated by the Blizzard or Nordica skis. It felt dumb. It had great damping and edge hold but was not precise enough to be confidence inspiring. Like the XT800, this lack of feel just killed Phase One at the top of the turn. It reminded me of the Volkl Mantra; another damp, dumb ski.  

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Were these 12/13 or 13/14 models?

Thanks. Nice reviews actually. It would be helpful to include the waist widths, sidecuts, and lengths of those tested.

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