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K2 A.M.P. 80X

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Hi guys.


I received a lot of helpful advice earlier in the year and I finally got to demo a new set of skis,


I tried K2 A.M.P. 80X and liked them.  So the next question is that since I might not be able to get a pair in time for my next big trip, I am considering waiting to buy them next year and save some money.


Does anyone know a good place to buy older year model skis?




John from South Jersey.

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Just about any ski shop can have skis left over from prior seasons.  Places like Level Nine, Evo and might be good sources.  But, you may not be able to find the size you want next season and be stuck paying full price if you want them for the entire season.  If you can find them on sale now, I'd recommend you buy them now.

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I wish I could find them on-sale.  It seems every single place has them for the same price.  Someone told me that is on purpose...

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You may be able to find previous years' versions of the Amp Rictor, which seems to pretty much be the same thing as as this years AMP 80x Ti (i.e. with a layer of metal, so a higher end model). Not sure what size you are looking for, but there seems to be a lot of 167s floating around. I got a flat pair of the AMP Rictor from Evo for like $320 earlier in the season.

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