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Trail Maps & Stats

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Snowbird/Alta/Mineral Basin Maps

Trail Blends:

Snowbird: 27% Beginner, 38% Intermediate, 35% Advanced

Alta: 25% Beginner, 40% Intermediate, 35% Advanced

Snowbird and Alta are famous destinations for expert skiers, but what is less well known is that both Snowbird and Alta have good beginning terrain. Snowbird has four lifts accessing extensive beginner terrain. Alta has three lifts, Albion, Sunnyside and Cecret that provide access to great beginner areas.

When we apply those ratios to nearly 5,000 acres of lift-served terrain, the amount of terrain for every category of skier exceeds the capacity of most mortals to ski all that is offered.
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Stop this please! You are making the summer longer with each post
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Will we be able to hold any of the academy classes at alta, or do we just have the multi resort pass?
Not that it matters, just curious. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Yes, Lisamarie. Academy groups will be ripping down the entire trail map.
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Just to back up what Nolo said about terrain diversity, if you have friends who are novice skiers, there is a section of alta that is really, really, really easy.

Combine that with instruction from the top instructors in North America, as well as the option to ski in a "boarder free" environment, your frien will graduate from novice to intermedaite in no time!
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What will Alta and Snowbird be doing new for next season?

There was talk of a lot changes at Alta. Are any of these going to materialize for next year?
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I don't believe there will be any major changes made before January 2004, but there could be major changes at Alta as early as Fall 2004. See proposed changes at Alta.
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One other possible change at Alta...
If I win the lottery, I'll be buying property there!

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