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Hello everyone.


I have been searching around and finding good info on here... but nothing that quite matches what I'm after. So...



- I'm 5'10", 190lbs, athletic and mid-40s.

- I'd say I'm "advanced" because I ski the whole mountain, but not always with grace. What I lack in technique I make up for with fast reaction time :D

- 100% of my skiing is in the east, between PA, NY and Vermont.

- I like to ski aggressively but not so much that I can't last all day - call it bursts of furious activity with cruising between

- I really do like it all... fast swoopy turns, crud, bumps, moguls... occasional trips thru the forest (but not often)

- I always take the lift... no leaping from helicopters in my immediate future and if I do go west I'll rent

- I need an all mountain, one quiver ski  because now I have kids to buy equipment for too and I'm not made out of gold


I've been skiing since I was a wee lad but took a 20 year hiatus in the middle and recently returned to the sport with my kids. I've skied this season on seasonal rentals while I got my legs back under me and tested the waters with the kids attitude... and now I want to rock some boards that don't suck. However, that is less simple than I expected. The sheer number of new jargon words and magical marketing terms that have sprouted since I last bought a pair of skis has made cutting to chase difficult.


My google-fu research and a few calls thus far says:


- Blizzard Brahma

- Rossi Experience 88

- Volkl Bridge and/or Kendo

- Maybe a Fischer Motive86 (local shop seems to want to move a set at a good price)


Magazines love the Brahma, the rest review well... but nobody around here does demos where you can try a few on the same day and I missed the big demo day at the local (Elk) mountain. I'm buying blind or coughing up $45 a pop to ride each.


Based on the above info - can a big east guy make an educated guess as to which fits my situation best, why and what length or introduce a new player to the game?



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