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I hate my feet

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After calling it a day after one run due to foot pain today, despite being in a pair of custom fit Daleboots, I'm really bemoaning my feet.


From what I can gather, my feet are relatively wide down at the end (just beneath the toes), with a relatively high in-step/arch.  I believe I have fairly large calves, though I don't know what constitutes that.  And of course, just for fun, one foot is a full size larger than the other.  I've always had problems getting shoes that fit.


I'm in my first season of skiing, on about day 30.  I started with rentals, as I was recovering from an ankle injury and didn't want to get fitted for boots until the swelling went down, and adding boots to my season long ski rental was only an extra few bucks.


I'm sure I ended up with boots a size too big, but even those too large boots were extraordinarily painful to the point where I couldn't make it more than a run or two without having to stop.  After swapping those out for a pair of boots of the same size with a higher in-step, things were manageable and I used those for about a month.


A few weeks ago it was finally time to buy a pair of boots, as I know how important they are.  Given my background of foot issues, I decided to skip the year or two playing around trying to get a properly fitting boot and just go straight to a custom fit boot via Daleboot.


I went through the whole process and took my boots out for the first time and....pain.  Excessive pain.  Mostly in the outer arches both feet.  I went back to the shop and explained it to them, and they made some adjustments.  It seemed better in the shop.  While the pain was much worse skiing, I could still feel a little bit of pressure while standing around.  This was now gone.  I wore them for 30 minutes in the shop, tipping on the sides over and over again just to make sure.


Today I took them back out to the slopes.  As soon as I got out there and started skiing the pain immediately returned, just as bad as before.  Even on the 30 second trip down the bunny hill to get to the gondola I could feel it forming, then on the whole ride up it continued to get worse.  Mainly in my arches, though now strangely right on the bottom of my feet as well.  It still wasn't unbearable, so I started my first run.  Every 5 or 6 turns I had to stop.  I could only make it about halfway down the mountain before I had to sit down in the snow/rain and unbuckle my boots, just sitting for a few minutes dreaming about getting to the bottom where I could take them off.


As mentioned before, the pain is primarily in my outer arches, but it is not confined to there and seems to move around (mostly within the arch, but sometimes elsewhere as well).  I realize my boots are still in the break-in period but I can't imagine it's going to get THAT much better from "this hurts so much I have to get them off right now".  Of course, I will be heading back to Dale but won't be able to make it there for a week at least, and wouldn't mind having some ideas when I go in.  They were quick to just suggest popping that area out last time and seemed to shrug off any ideas that the problem could be coming from elsewhere (arch support, circulation, etc) which I'm not necessarily convinced is correct.


At this point I'm pretty mentally defeated, wondering how anything is going to work for me if even a custom molded boot won't.


I should also note that once I get out of the boot, aside from some minor soreness everything pretty much goes back to normal.  This isn't something crippling me for the rest of the day or anything, it's only while I'm actually wearing the boots.  


Any ideas?

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so with the boots on, but NOT skiing or clicked into skis the boots are OK?   But the moment you start sliding, you get the pain?


And once you get into pain, what makes the feet feel better, other then removing the boots?

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Originally Posted by mntlion View Post

so with the boots on, but NOT skiing or clicked into skis the boots are OK?   But the moment you start sliding, you get the pain?


And once you get into pain, what makes the feet feel better, other then removing the boots?


Yes, they are typically OK (not great, but definitely bearable) just wearing them around the house.  As soon as I start skiing I get the intense pain.


Once I get the pain, I haven't found anything that makes the feet feel better other than removing the boots.

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So you can stand in the boots, clicked into skis, not moving, and you are OK.  Once you start sliding, the pain comes?

this might be pain IN your feet, but I'm not sure the pain is starting in your feet.  Something about the sliding is hurting?  


have you tried lessons at all?  wondering if you are leaning too far back?


have you read this post?


check the 10 things not to do, and please answer all the other 10 questions

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