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Gathering Demo: Game ON!

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With some trials and tribulation, it looks like the demo will be ON. New location, Mammoth was uncooperative so the event will be at Alpine Meadows on the Thursday of the event. Both Mammoth and Alpine (initially) wanted $$ to secure the locations and to cover costs, something that is not is the budget of an event that has no budget. I tried to explain that bringing 50+/- people to their resort for 2-3 days, people that are buying tickets, eating and drinking should cover this incidental cost of a spot, but Mammoth was pretty stubborn, Alpine agreed as long as we keep it to brands that they carry in their demo and retail shops, which covers most of the major brands. So, the demo is on. 

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Thanks Phil. Do we know what those brands are?

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Wow, thank you for putting this together and hanging tough! Sounds great!

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Good job Phill! I'm sure you guys will have a blast specially with these late season storms... hope they keep coming!

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Thumbs Up

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OK, we are set...Working with reps schedules and brands Alpine represent, we have the following brands to demo from at Alpine...








We will be meeting at 8:30 in the cafeteria near the coffee bar. We will need liability waivers signed. Looking forward to getting everyone on some of next years exciting new gear. 

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Which day?
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Alpine will require us to sign liability waivers, I will have them at the base when we meet at 8:30.
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WOO-HOO! Volkl will also be there! :yahoo:



That makes 6! 

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Wish I could be there and show folks some of my favorite spots around Alpine, but you're all in good hands.  Once again the gathering brings snow to Tahoe.


On the Volkl note, tomorrow is probably going to be a day worthy of trying out that new Volkl Three - at least first thing in the morning.

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Excellent! Looking forward. Thanks for your perseverance , Phil.
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