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Sun Valley snow days, Feb 8-12

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This is the luckiest we've ever gotten with conditions at SV. We arrived in the middle of a storm that left 19" and got another 11.5" at the end, with sun in between. They needed it desperately and I was so happy that it happened right while we were there. My inlaws from Iowa loved the place and we had to caution them that it isn't always like this, but they are happiest on groomers so they would have been fine no matter what.We always have a great time in SV but this time was really sweet. There's more snow on the way, too.




Nathanvg posted a sad photo of the bowls in his Jan 25th trip report. Here's a happier photo of the bowls:








And Baldy at twilight from the back of a sleigh. It was the first time all winter they had the horses pull the actual sleighs rather than wagons (which they use when there's not enough snow).


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Nice!  There was very little snow when we were there over MLK weekend but it skied well anyway.


From my experience, a powder day brings out all the locals and, for a mountain with few crowding issues, the obvious lines get skied out very quickly.  Curious what you experienced?

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It seemed to me that it did get skied out fast, but I think I just don't know where to go where no one else will be. We take one or two trips a year and haven't had a powder day since 2012 (and then only one), and I didn't remember that it might get skied out quickly, so I just headed to my usual spots (I like to warm up on College or Seattle Ridge). Later I thought, geez, that was dumb, why did I head there? Well, because there weren't many people there and I didn't think about things getting skied out. Also Wednesday the bowls were socked in so most people stayed lower, but I should have checked out the Frenchman's area, or maybe that right hand (skier's right) of the Warm Springs side. Hopefully we'll get more powder days in the future and I'll have a chance to poke around and find lesser skied spots.

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SV got another 16" in the past 72 hours and there's more in the forecast. If anyone ever thought they might do a last minute trip here based on snow, now would be the time to do that.

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I'll be there in early March.  Glad there's some snow.  Hope it lasts.

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