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Ski Length Question

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 I know alot has been written about ski length .. I have read a lot, but my unanswered question is if you are not sure which length is right for you, is it better to err on the side of longer or shorter ?


Heres my story --


 1)  52 years old, 6'00 /167 lbs. -- took about 50 lbs off two years ago; it's a constant battle to keep it off , so I want to anticipate increase up to 180-185.


 2)  Advanced Intermediate -- returned to skiing 4 years ago after a long (almost 30 year layoff); have skiied Breckenridge, Steamboat, Stratton and local hills  -- comfortable on most groomed blacks, but want to increase speed , steep and perhaps moguls.


 3) Current skis are Fischer RX8 Pro, 175 cm -- bought 4 years ago  from local rep at great price, without any research. They are okay, but seem unstable at higher straightline speed.  Fairly narrow waist (I think they are 67 mm or something like that).


I am looking to get into a better , all mountain ski. I  demo'd the Rossignol Experience 88 in Steamboat last year and at Stratton earlier this year.  My recollection is I skiied the 178 cm last year, and I skiied the 170 this year.  I didn't have the opportunity to demo back to back, so I can't really tell which felt better. My recollection is they were more or less the same. This raises the question -- whats the tie breaker, or is it better to err on the side of longer or shorter, or does it really matter with an 8 cm (2-3 inch) difference ?


Thank you for your input ....

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Base on your build Rossi E88 178 is better for you than 170. That's for sure.
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A shorter ski will be easier to turn while a longer ski will be more stable. At your height the 170 is as short as you would want to go and be considered a good length for a beginner.
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