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Feet and Knee pain while skiing

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Morning all!


Just want to get your expert insights on something.


I just recently purchased ski boots (this past fall) and, because of our wonderful California drought, didn't get up the hill for the first time until late January.  That also was my first ski day of the season, and I am pretty much a beginner skier (green runs at this point).


I noticed while skiing that I'd get pain / fatigue in my feet and knees *only while skiing*.  Relatively speaking, my boots were comfortable sitting, on lifts, walking around, etc.  They were comfortable on the skis as well - until I start down the hill :).  Just while skiing, I'd start to get pain that seemed to be related to being plain tired out.  On a longer run I actually had to stop several times to rest and let the pain "drain" out.


The knee pain is, I think, easily explainable, in that being a beginner I tend to "pseudo snow plow" a lot to control speed - which is a slightly unnatural knee position.  It didn't bother me when I was 12, but now that I'm 32, it's a little different :P.


My real question is on the foot pain.  My inclination is that this is down to some combination of being flat out of shape for skiing and technique issues (carving too hard in turns, gripping with my toes, not being forward enough, and so forth).  I would think if it was a boot fit issue that I'd notice it at times other than going down the hill.  I would also note that there was no pain / issues the next day other than feeling like I had a workout.


But I wanted to check here and get your opinions.  I'm going back up weekend after this, and plan to take another lesson this trip - but am wondering if I need to stop by the boot fitter beforehand?



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Absolutely you need to see a boot fitter!  There are so many things that could be causing foot pain there really isn't a point in starting to list them.      Find someone and get your feet and boots in front of them.



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read through the above article and check the "Shell fit" of your boots to see if they really fit you correctly


Then as Lou said, a fitter can do real things to improve your experience.



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Did the shell fit test, and things were correct.  


I am heading up to ski next weekend; I will stop by my boot fitter to discuss.  He mentioned when I bought the boots that I might need a custom footbed, but that I should ski them a bit first to see.  So that may be the issue.  I still think it is *mostly* form and muscle related though.  Hopefully the fitter will tell me more :).

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