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Bought Skis

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Hi Everyone,

I just returned from Aspen where I purchased a pair of Atomic Beta Ride 10.20 in 170. I absolutely love these skis. I never had so much fun skiing nor have I ever skied so well. Fortunately, Aspen had excellent conditions, having received approximately 16 inches of new snow while I was there. These skis do everything really well.

I wanted to demo a pair of K2 Axis X as well, but I love the Atomics so much, I didn't want to got through the hassle of demoing skis from another shop.

Thanks for all of your advice.

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How did you decide on the length? Did you try them in a 180 too?

I've pre-ordered a pair of these for next (kiwi) season, but can still choose which length I want (it'll be 170 or 180). My stats are about the same as yours (slightly taller / lighter, level 8). I'll be using them in our usually heavy maritime off-piste conditions a lot of the time, but also hardpack, bumps ie all-mountain. The shop says 180, hopefully I'll get to try a pair of each length before committing, but if not....all input welcome.

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I only tried the 170s. I could have tried the 180s, but couldn't imagine that I'd like them any better. The 170s were great in bumps, powder, short turns and stable during high speed cruising.

In the past, I always wanted to buy the longest ski I could handle. Perhaps this is why I often struggled in bumps, powder and crud. My philosophy now is that I want to own the shortest pair of skis I can use. It's much more fun. Only wish I realized this years ago.
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