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Durham, NC Powder Day!

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Getting quality little accumulation here in Durham this afternoon.  I'm going to bust out the FAT snow blades when I finish working!





Headed out on K2 FAT Apache blades with my daughter pulling her sled.  Didn't bring the camera for the fun part though..


Had about 6" when it turned from snow to sleet:mad

But, best yard hopping around here in many years..

We hit this yellow diamond along the way..


Carolina is supposed to play Duke tonight.  DOOK's trying to chicken out though.  Apparently they didn't head for the Smith Center soon enough.   Their bus is stuck in the carnage out on the roads.

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Day 2 Leftovers:drool

Moonlight Mashed Taters


6" snow, then sleet, then rain, then 3" of snow=full blown cud up crud.



Actually worked pretty well!

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