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skis for my wife [beginner, OP beginner too]

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My wife is new to skiing, she has snowboard a few times over the past couple of years but never skied and would like to get into it. she is 5'3" 130-135 pounds and a size 7.5 shoe. I want to buy something inexspensive for her to try before dumping a lot of money into skis and boots, what should I look at for her as a set up. length of skis, bindings, boots and poles, I will say her foot is a 24.5cm and she tried on a ski boot tonight in that size and her toe was blowing out the end. and from all the online charts a 24.5 is equal to a 7.5 size shoe. I would like to purchase of of ebay but just not sure what set up she would need, thanks fo all the help guys.

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Inexpensive is a relative term. What's your budget?
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I am so new to skiing I have no idea what is entry level cost skis and high end skis, I am just looking for her something to go out a couple times here at teh end of the season and try skiing to see if she is gonna like it, I figured trying to buy something would be better than getting rental equipment, or should I just go that route, if I had to say a price 200.00 or so

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Ski swap skis from past 10 years: $50 to $150. Used boots are tricky, the boots have to be good, and not too old beause the foam gets hard and compressed.  Expect to pay $150-200. You could possibly make that up by getting skis off Craigslist, if you do your homework finding old ski reviews. I get skis out of the dumpster at the local recycle center. Usable shaped skis are starting to show up there. They were free! Poles also were free. Mostly see these at the start and end of a ski season.  so yes, if you know what to look for and how to pick and fit boots, and have some time to kill, you can get workable equipment for $200. You could also get equipment that is uncomfortable and impedes her learning,. But that can happen with new equipment also if the shop is not really knowledgeable, again, boots are the difficult part. Most new skis work pretty well, Heck, I'd give you a pair of usable early shaped skis if you were in SE Michigan, just to clear my shop out. 

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She'll like skiing better for sure.  You don't have to sit down when you stop and she'll be dryer at the end of the day. 


Now, to help you with your question. 


I don't know your wife and I have no idea just how much you want her to enjoy this, I say that because I know guys that don't want their gf/wives enjoying it to much because then they'll want to go with them more, but if you want it to be a great experience with the hope she will take to it and want to go more, and typically this is a good thing because the more she wants to go the more YOU get to ski too, I'd spend the bulk of your budget on getting her a good set of boots that fit her very well and that SHE feels comfortable in.  Women are often VERY weird about their feet.  They'll wear shoes that absolutely kill their feet BUT if they think they "look good" they'll wear them all day long and never complain but put them in a not so comfy ski boot and then add "cold" to the mix and you'll be lucky if they ever leave the lodge.  Now, if you're good with that so you can go ski with your buddies, well you know what kind of equipment to get her but if she is serious about skiing and you want her to like it so you both can do it more together, spend the required amount to make her comfortable.  Otherwise you are just wasting your money because if she isn't comfortable, the enjoyment for her and YOU won't be very high and she won't go and you'll have just spent whatever amount you spent for something that is just going to sit in a corner collecting dust.  As for skis, something mid width, maybe a little on the soft flexing side with some "shape" to it will be a good place for her to start.  Shaped skis turn easy and in my opinion are easier to learn on then straight skis.  If she likes it and her skill level increases the market place is endless on what's available.  Just do yourself a favor and make sure she's comfy in her boots.  Learning isn't always that easy and often isn't all that fun and nobody wants any part of their body to hurt when their going thru the not so fun learning stage.

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what would shipping cost me for you to ship, how do I determine pole length

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