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Eldora Sunday

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Did anyone else ski Eldora this sunday? Holy crap it was thigh deep and no more than a minute wait at the lifts on the west side of the mountain. My legs are still killing me today. I heard totals from friday thru sunday were over 40 inches. I know it dumped that friday, saturday was 14 and sunday was 12. I got a chance to crank my schizos back on my goats and let em eat! It was by far the best powder skiing I've ever experienced in my short tenure. I've skied a lot of 4-6 inch hero days, but nothing like what I experienced sunday. I talked with a few that skied monday and it was more of the same as it was still snowing when I left sunday....40 inches of pow an hour from the house made it hard to go to work monday morning. Sorry, no pics, I was busy laughing, skiing, falling, laughing, and repeating.biggrin.gif
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Welcome to Colorado! Life is very good....ssshhh don't tell anybody
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I love this place...I'm never leaving...ever
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Jason -- you skiing Copper this Sunday?
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Man we can't seem to get together. I have a unit start scheduled for this saturday and sunday. We skied Copper the day before Eldora this weekend. So its an unfortunate no this weekend. I should be free and clear on the next weekend though and Copper will be in my sights either that saturday or sunday. I'm already counting the days to days 22 and 23. My original goal was 25, I've since bumped that to 30.
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Copper was busier than I've seen it all year saturday
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