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Academy, Coaches Perspective

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This deal is a ski instructor's dream. As I ski with my group, and as I look at the other groups,I see the three most important elements of perfect ski teaching/learning all over Brighton:
--willingness and motivation
--friendliness and camaraderie
--pure joy

All the participants have it, and all the coaches are grateful for it.

I do believe the EpicSki Academy has been launched. This is so way cool.

Hats off to the gang that put this together. Hats off to Brighton (a very good ski area!) for havin' us. A special thanks to Steve Bagley for his boot lecture. If you're ever in the Salt Lake area, his stores--Superior Sports--at Solitude and at Snowbird--are the places to go.

Thanks to Lisa for the really entertaining and useful fitness talk.

I also am inordinately proud of my bumpin' babes, alias the loose women, alias the perfect curves. You girls rock.

I'm crushed that this all has to end tomorrow.
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Home now safely, I have warm memories of the best clinic I've ever had the privilege of partaking. I learned a lot, laughed a lot, met some fine new friends and fellow maniacs, and refined my appreciation for GO-type skiing. GO, even if it lands you in a creek. The universe often answers the first try with a NO. That's good, because then you're on your second try, which most often is YES as a result of what you learned from the NO. Go on, walk on, rock on, it's all to the good.

Weems taught me that. He's an amazing teacher and a rebuttal to anything I ever said about men teaching women. There are men who love women enough to teach them properly, and I think that's cool. (Rusty--Sorry I ever doubted it.)

As I said, I learned a lot.
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yep nolo - I have a couple of them

I ski with them because of WHO they are - not their gender
they teach me based on WHO i am - not my gender

simple really
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Thank you Nolo and Disski.

I long ago learned of and have stood in awe of the power and brilliance of women. It's a matter of listening. I was thrilled to get the chance to open doors for these women and watch them leap through them with such courage and grace.
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Epilogue: When we started the Academy, Weems asked us what we wanted to accomplish. I said that I wanted to be more confident.

Today, Mark and I went back to Deer Valley. Our "warmup' was Wizard, the double blue that I found scarey just one week ago.

Then we decided to ski Stein's Way. We got to the part where we could have bailed out of the black and on to a double blue.
We chose....


I guess you can say I'm more confident!
Thank you, Weems!
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I have been home, now, for a couple of days. I have had time to reflect on my experience as Weems' assistant. Our group, The Loose Ladies, progressed from timid wedgers to somewhat aggressive (complete with sound effects) bump skiers. There was a chemistry that developed between all of us. That chemistry has been developed into new friendships that could last a lifetime. Moreover, those friendships did not stop with our group. The whole Academy has developed into lasting friendships.

What really surprised me, the coaches developed into a very cohesive group of professionals. As a group, we could develop into the best ski educational entities in the world. It is my perception that we need to continue with Epic Ski Academy to develop into the world leaders of ski instruction.

To all of you who participated in Epic Ski Academy I, thank you for memories that will last a lifetime.

Very gratefully, Rick H.
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I am back home and again have access to a computer. I want to thank all the participants, coaches, and organizers for creating and making the EpicSki Academy a huge success. It exceeded everyone's expectations for fun and breakthroughs.

Many of the coaches considered this their best assignment ever and while we never did get an accurate count of the cumulative winters of teaching experience we know that it exceeded 200 hundred winters! This says alot about the students. There preparation and willingness to learn was exceptionally high. Much thanks to AC for creating and maintaining this forum which is succeeding in creating more knowledgeable and passionate skiers.

I truly enjoyed meeting those of you that I did and regret not getting to meet more of the participants.
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Well, Tom, I think 200 HUNDRED (that is, 20,000) years of teaching experience may be stretching it a LITTLE! But it was one of the most elite groups of professionals ever assembled for a ski camp, along with a great group of participants--all any coach could ask for! It was an extreme pleasure to meet everyone, and work with such a wonderful group of people.

Of course, the wisdom of Weems alone suggests at least 10,000 years of experience!

From my own perspective, as the camp's "director," it was a huge pleasure, honor, and learning experience to observe so many great coaches at "work" and to see so many smiling faces as light bulbs turned on, fears vanished, and individual potentials emerged beyond expectation. My only regret was that I did not have the chance to work with a single group throughout the four days myself. It is an instructor's dream to ski with such eager, passionate students!

Congratulations and thanks to all, participants and coaches alike, for contributing to this wonderful event. We're on to something, and we'll do it again!

I'm glad to hear that we're all making it back home safely. Best of success with the rest of the season! Many more breakthroughs are yet to come....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I sure agree with all said above. What a great experience for everyone. All the folks that came to the academy brought their tremendous passion for this great sport. It was a treat for me to share in it with them and be a signpost to new paths to explore.

I'm back home in Wisconsin where since I left; it was sub-zero, then snowed, then rained, and is now snowing again. As for Utah, there were 4" of new snow on my rental car at Extended Stay when I left for airport at 4:am this morning and it was still snowing hard.

Maybe our spirit broke their weather slump!

Thanks again to everyone who made it happen.

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I posted this yesterday (2/1) in a new thread called "ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE", but I believe this is the place:

I am home now for a day or so. I am less melancholy now than I was yesterday (1/31) on the ride home from Utah. I am getting back to my routine. Had a great kids class today ....

I've been reflecting on the week behind me. By now you've all read about the incredible ski relationships that have developed. Pro/pro. Participant/participant. Pro/participant. And of course the relationship we as individuals have with our new found talent and mother earth.

Admittedly I haven't spent a lot of time at this terminal. I have only limited time here in this situation of a shared terminal. Consequently, the following observation may in fact have been noted without my noticing yet. Having said that, one aspect of this event that affected me deeply, and one that I haven't read about yet is that now I am able to put faces to names. When I began to meet my colleagues and the students last Saturday, starting with meeting Vail Sno Pro for the ride up from Colorado (we hadn't met face to face before), the magic of this event started. YOU ARE ALL REAL - YAHOO!

This medium is phenominal. We tend to get very personal very quickly and then find disappointment and distrust. I have always been and am still somewhat guarded in this new technological environment. EPICSKI, because of the common passion we all share is a little different than other forums and chat rooms. It is still humorous and sometimes flighty, but with a wonderfully light seriousness (and often more!). It is respectful and intelligent. AND now having experienced the academy, I feel very strongly about the bonds that have been made both on line and in person.

Thank you AC for creating a very human oasis in the middle of the high tech muck. [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]

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The Epic Ski Academy 2003 will rank among my fondest memories of ski teaching OR skiing forever.

What an awesome group to work with as coaches.

And what a wonderful group of enthusiastic participants!!!!

Brighton was just right with a complete mix of terrain and conditions for everyone. Despite the area being something like three feet shy of normal snowfall for this time of year, Brighton had ALMOST everything we needed.

A HUGE thank-you goes out to all the folks who worked so hard to put this event together, including AC for supplying the medium through which it all occurred.

Epic Ski Academy 2004 just HAS to happen.
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I made it back home last night about 7:00PM after 28 hours on the road. I haven't had time to unwind yet and have to go to the ski hill in less than an hour. Physically I am pretty well spent but emotionally I am still on a high. What a wonderful experience.
I approached the Academy with much concern, uncertainty and exitement. I have to say that I was overwhelmed by the success and smoothness by the way things went. We as professionals just stepped up to the plate like we had been doing this together for some time. Many thanks to the organizers and participants.
I am a people person and met many fine bears. I didn't meet or ski with anyone that I did not like or wouldn't ski with for a day by choice.
Epicski Academy is the best.
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Glad you made it home safely, Pierre. It was good to see you, as always! Thanks for your help, patience, skill, and good humor! I don't know who gets the award for longest drive to the Academy, but it surely comes down to one of the coaches--you, or Kneale Brownson. 4000 miles or so, round trip--that's dedication!

Now rest those weary bones....

Bob Barnes
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Pierre and I figured our distances were about equal. My round-trip, including driving in SLC area, was 3839 miles.

BUT I GOT BETTER MILEAGE: 23.something MPG with an average 80 MPH for the entire trip. Pierre's little truck didn't do nearly as well, I'm sure.
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Originally posted by Kneale Brownson:
... with an average 80 MPH for the entire trip...
I wonder if the Nebraska State Patrol monitors this site...
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