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Help me pick a ski... Nordia Burner?

Poll Results: When/where should I buy skis?

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    Before I leave, so I benefit from the whole trip to get used to them.
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    Once I've arrived, with the hope that I can find a great deal b/c of the sheer # of ski shops.
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Hey all!


I've only made a few posts, but I need some opinions (I know, a dangerous thing to ask!).


I started skiing last season & bought some used Head BYS rentals. They served their purpose, but they are definitely holding me back at this point. I ski locally in Michigan, and I've been to all of the Colorado EPIC pass resorts + a few others. I can now ski blues & some groomed blacks. I have been getting into some less dense tree runs, but any time I hit any powder, I pretty much fall over. I know some of that is inexperience, but I also know my ski is much too narrow in the waist. (I don't know the actual width, but it's a pretty standard rental ski).


I went to a local ski shop to chat with them. They gave me a lot of good info, and I think I have decided on the Nordica Burner.


I weigh around 175lbs and am 5'10" tall. My current ski is a 160cm (I know, too short...). The ski shop was recommending a 178 Nordica Burner, but I feel like I'd be more comfortable with the 170cm. My reasoning is that it'll be a big shock to jump from a 160cm to a 178cm, whereas a 170cm wouldn't be such a big deal. I have skied on 170's, and I could handle the difference in length without too much adjustment.


So, my questions are as follows:


1) The Nordica Burner seems to have great reviews. I am 70% on groomers, 30% shallow powder & tree runs. Is this a good ski for me?

2) What are some alternate similar skis to the Nordica Burner? Budget is an issue for me. I can't afford to spend $1000 for skis/bindings/boots right now, but I do need to upgrade.

3) What's the different in the current model year Burner and previous? I can't find anything to explain model year differences.

4) What are my chances of finding a steal when I go to Colorado in a few weeks? I am debating buying skis before I leave so I can get used to them in CO. Option #2 is take my current skis and hope to find a good deal while I'm there.


Thanks everyone for your help!


(I misspelled Nordica in the thread title--dangit!)

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Also, what about the Nordica Steadfast? Is 90mm a bit too wide for me?

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Although the images of the Burner show the "Hell & Back" logo it doesn't have an early rise tip so it appears to be a pretty conventional 85mm ski.  It is probably fine for groomers and someone with a good skill set could use it in trees without too much trouble.  But, if you are really interested in skiing trees and powder I think you would be better served by a ski with early rise tip and around 88-90mm underfoot.  The Steadfast is my daily driver and I have used it a lot in the trees over the past three seasons.  It is a great ski, but it pretty much demands that you stay centered over it.  I can move the bindings on mine forward or backward a bit and I tried moving them back about 1cm last year.  What I got was a barely controllable ski.  After I moved them back they were once again great.  Nordica says it's for advanced intermediates to experts.  If you can ski moderately short radius linked parallel turns on a groomed black run, I think you could handle them and it would be a good ski for you to grow into since it rewards good technique.  But, if you can't do that, I don't think they would be good for you because they demand decent input.  A ski you might want to look for in that case the Salomon Quest 90 or the older Rocker2 90 which is very good ski that is no where as demanding as the Steadfast.  For your height/weight and what you want to do I think you need to be on something about 170cm.  I'm about 5'8", 150 pounds and my Steadfasts are 170cm.

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Thanks so much! That's exactly the info I was hoping to find! I had the Salomon Quest 90 on my list, too, I just failed to mention it. It also has the benefit of being more reasonably priced.

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