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Goodbye to our little Anja

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  Just thought I'd share a few pictures of our our baby girl Anja (pronounced Anya) a little yellow lab with a giant heart who, after 3 years, lost her battle with canine-megaesophagus last night. She was a happy little dog who loved chewing on her big brother Bode and anything else she could get her teeth into. She shared many adventures with us and will be deeply missed. 


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  Now she has a new healthy body in doggy heaven :o We miss you Sweet-Pea


  Love Moms and Papa



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Sorry to hear about your loss frown.gif.
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Rest in peace Anja

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Nothing stings like losing a good pup.  RIP little girl

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+++ vibes +++

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Losing a beloved pet really stinks.  Sorry to hear it.

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She looks just like my lab.  Condolences...

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Sweet dog, Sorry to hear it Zenny.
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Sorry, to hear it Zenny.
I feel for you
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What a pretty girl; sorry you lost her, Zen.

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Looks like you gave her a great life and a lot of love when she was with you.  Very sorry for the loss.

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Very sorry to hear this.
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My condolences Zenny.

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Sorry for your loss

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So sorry for your loss, what a beautiful pup!
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   Thank you all for the kind words and thanks to Epic for letting us share--we are quite numb right now but are very grateful to have had her in our lives.



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My condolences. We lost Skylar a couple weeks ago. I'm certain they are chasing after each other!
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poor little girl

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sorry to hear of Anja and her passing.   I sometimes think that their short lives are to remind us how grateful we should be with ours as well as better live it for others.

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Sorry for your loss.
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A sad day, indeed.


It looks like she enjoyed her life and the time that she had here ... a message for all of us in our own lives and our relationships with our pets.

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   Anja's mega-esophagus condition was congenital and basically meant that her esophagus had little to no motility--she couldn't swallow food normally. This meant we had to feed her in an upright position with specially prepared food, either soft food rolled into meatballs or blended into a milkshake-like consistency 4 times a day every day. We found plans online for a specially designed chair which was sort of like a doggy high chair. All the special food and her chair made Papa's backpack 30 lbs. heavier when we went backpacking (so from maybe 30 lbs. to 60) but I didn't mind. Here she is sitting in it after lunch during a trip to Fish Lake in the Bitterroot wilderness...




   The biggest danger for her was aspiration pneumonia due to the fact that she would occasionally regurgitate her food. She required much care and attention and now that she's gone it's like we don't know what to do.


  Apologies for the sad topic.



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She was with you for a reason.  Not many people would have taken such good care of her.  She left this world knowing that she was loved.

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Zenny, we've been there.  These losses hurt, but are eventually replaced with the good memories.  Best wishes, and sorry for your loss.

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I still miss Nikita Kruschev Dognik after 15 years....

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When my daughter was in college, we lost a series of dogs, one after another. It significantly interfered with her studies and led to a worry issue about what was happening at home while she was gone that took years to get over. Nevertheless, when I asked her about having dogs and the fact that they die sooner than we do and should we not have dogs, etc., her answer was that it was worth all the grief. The main reason she still comes home is to see the dogs, not us, because she can't talk to the dogs on the phone.
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Sorry for your loss Zenny.   I too lost my Yellow lab awhile back.  :(


Thanks for giving her such a good, if short, life.   My rescue black Lab, Samson, is getting slower and is in some pain.  We are preparing for tougher times ahead. Each day is a little warmer, a little gentler, a little better, knowing he needs us just as we need him.  Surely you understand. 

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That sucks, seems like some of our fur-buddies never get a fair shake, but she was lucky to have had you looking out for her as long as you did.
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Zenny, so sorry to hear, my condolences.  Looks like you gave her a terrific time and care during her time with you

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