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Volkl RTM 84 vs K2 Rictor 82 decision

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I test drove both of these at Sunday River yesterday. I had a variety of conditions to choose from but couldn't really assess flotation.

Me: 5' 11", 175 lbs, age 43. I'm advanced but somewhat mellow. I'll ski anything inbounds but I'm not looking to push the envelope on speed or air. I ski NH an Maine mostly and do western trips. I have wider skis for te west.

I've been on a loooong search for hard snow skis. My Kendos just don't carve the way I want them to.

I skied the K2 in a 177 and the Volkl in a 176. The hard snow performance was extremely similar. Both encouraged me to stay in the fall line and do quick carves. When trying to fully follow through on the radius of the skis, it felt a bit harder to do in the Volkl. When it comes to absolute grip, I'd give the Volkl a slight edge. The K2 felt more playful, harder to screw up.

Both were decent in the soft bumps. In hard bumps it's tough to differentiate because my form suffers notably I'm that condition.

At the end of the ski day I was leaning toward the RTMs but, after sleeping on it, I'm torn. It sounds stupid, the the performance was that similar between the two.

I'm just curious to hear if anyone has opinions about this. I'm close to flipping a coin.
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Why don't you trythe RTM76 in 170cm or is it 168cm. I'm not sure.

You have the Kendo, and a wider ski, why would you want a 84mm waist ? if you want to carve tight arc's get a carving ski.

When was the last time your Kendos were tuned ? I tune mine at 1 and 3 sharp tip to tail. I touch them up every night after skiing, they have over 90 days on them and still have the edge hold of the new ones I demoed.
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RTM 81 should be on the plate if you're considering the 84. The kendo's should work fine... Sounds like it's tune up time... 1/3.
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I don't tune my own skis but they've been tuned 3 times this season and edge hold does not appear to improve much. I figure they've got about 100 days on them. This is the fully cambered version in a 170 size.

The hard pack performance of the demo skis was clearly superior, no two ways about it. Other skis I've tried recently are:

Head Rally 176: a fun ski but I thought the edge hold was insufficient.

Salomon 24 Hrs Pro (169): pretty fun and easy carver. Great edge hold but not noticeably better than the RTM 84 or the Rictor 82.

Rossignol Experience 83(176) Also fun I'd put it with the Head Rally for edge hold.

It could be that I'm the thing that has changed instead of the grip of the Kendo. I've skied a lot of hardback this year and, for some reason, I'm not having the same fun I used to have with them.
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