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Well these are the experts so I am inclined to believe them, but either way the adjustment on the left boot was off so now that its fixed I will try it out again and see if it helped
Sounds like a plan, Jason. Let us know how it goes.

I'm no boot fitter, but it seems to me that if the two cuffs were at two different angles, the boots would feel off and could cause a sensation like the foot not being flat. That's not to say that the boot fits or doesn't need work or that whoever is giving you advice knows what he's doing; I'm just saying that it's worth seeing what changes now that at least the cuffs are presumably at the same angle to the ground.

And I agree with others on the thread that the cuff angle has nothing--nada, zero, bupkes--to do with cant as the term is used in boot fitting. Head is going by the dictionary definition, which is the angle of anything relative to the ground, and probably does it deliberately to makes the buyer think he's getting the equivalent of what a professional would do for him. In boot fitting, cant refers to the angle of the whole boot to the ground, so by definition the adjustment has to come from the bottom of the boot.
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Actually litterbug, it's entirely possible that ones left and right boot might have variations in cuff alignment. People are rarely symmetrical. Same for canting. smile.gif
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Right.  Adjusting the cuff with those little screws is a process of making the cuff match the tilt of the person's lower leg.  Not all lower legs rise up straight from the floor.  That's all that screw does; it matches the cuff angle to the lower leg angle.  Technically, it "cants" the cuff.  But when people are talking about "canting the boot," they mean tilting the bottom of the boot, thus tilting the whole foot...  not simply the cuff.

Jasonmiller, once again the cuff angle is not what the people here were thinking was causing your issue with your ankle nor the pain in your foot.  The ankle bones are below the cuff.  But if one cuff was way off from matching your leg, that would have an effect on your skiing and perhaps comfort too.  Fixing it needs to be done.


Best of luck in getting things sorted out through your boot shop.  

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