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Getting a temp ski?

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I put some money into some good fitting boots and bought some used cheap poles. I just need skis w/bindings. I don't mind spending money on skis, I just don't want buyers remorse, but I do like getting a deal what ever I get. As the ski place rents skis for $20/day, I am thinking of getting temp (just this season) skis:


1) Buy used skis of CL (sub $100 and might need wax/sharpening)

 a. - if he is willing to part out skis and be good on price.

 b. - I would negotiate with him on price

 c. - don't need boots asking to part out

2) Buy used skis from a local shop $100-$150 (former rentals/demos that have been tuned).

   a. Rossignol Edge 170 - $100

   b. Rossignol Avenger 75 Autoturn $- 150

3) Borrow skis from a friend whose son doesn't ski anymore. (Might need waxing and sharpening)

   a. Some ski that is at least 160cm and less than 10 years old. Will have to take a look, no cost other than maintenance I am guessing.


I would like to try out some more demo skis and the demo shop is at the top of the mountain, so I would have to rent skis ($20) to get up there to try it. I would also like to get a good idea of what I am wanting to do and what I can do (ability, wife restrictions,  and available terrain).


I went skiing after a 13 year hiatus and I feel like I picked up where I left off. I ski the east coast now and I use to ski much more difficult slopes in Deer Valley Utah (double diamonds). I use to like moguls, but there seems to be a lack of bumps in this region and many people say they aren't as nice compared to the west. Lastly I am not a speed freak, though I can comfortably ski any part of the mountain I have tried. 180lbs @ 5' 10.5"


If I have a ski, I will take advantage of the cheap night passes they have. While I don't mind renting, $20/pop adds up quick.


Thanks in advance,



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I like the idea of picking up something usable until you've had a chance to demo. Unless the Craigslist skis are something you really want, I'd suggest getting them locally since you've got access to some deals, and patronizing local businesses is good for your ski gear karma. Are the rentals the same ones you've been using up to now? If not you might ask if you could take them out, or see if another local shop rents them.

Good on you for spending your $$$ on boots--that's what it's for!
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Borrowing skis from your friend might or might not work, depends on the BSL of his son's boots.  Could be that the bindings would have to be remounted.  Check the local ski shops and see if they have any trade-ins.  Next time you go ask the demo shop if there is a way for you to get to them without needing to rent skis  CL can be pretty iffy and the stuff on it is often really overpriced..  

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How are the twin tip skis? The guy selling them said he just had them waxed and sharpen before he last skied on them a few years ago and he said he upgraded the bindings, though again he could be just saying that. The place I ski does have a half pipe etc, but I have never done anything like that.
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Originally Posted by solarity View Post

How are the twin tip skis? 

What twin tip skis?


The skis in your second and third CL links are all race skis, forget them immediately.

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The second link has 3 skis, the third pair is a Liberty KBG 170cm. $100
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Maybe someone who knows something about Liberty skis will respond because I don't.

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