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Railflex II Plate Slop

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I picked up a pair of used skis in good condition that have Tyrolia HD 14 Railflex 2 bindings. Checking things and adjusting for my BSL with the bindings removed I can twist and see a little bit of movement of the plate off the ski surface. The plates look to be in pretty good condition, and the mounting screws are all tight.


I have a couple options to deal with this...


1) Remove the plates, check condition, if ok remount with same screws using some epoxy in screw holes and clamps to hold the plates tight to the top surface.


2) I have some new/unused RF II plates. Trash the old plates and mount the new plates as described above.


#2 a no brainer? Would appreciate feedback from experienced RF II users.

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Maybe try the new rails before committing to glue.
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Well, I'm halfway with ya!  ;-)


I had some time this evening so wnet ahead and popped the existing plates off. Turned out on one of them one of the small rectangular pieces that the front screws go through had sheared off. I went ahead and mounted new plates with a little marine epoxy in the screw holes.


All good now, methinks. Thx for the response.

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I bought some used Tyrolia HD 14 Railflex and the wobble was cured with new rails.

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