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4frnt ski length?

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I have a question on the correct length of ski for the 2011/2012 4frnt MSP.  I am 6 foot, 160 pounds.  Is 187cm to long?  Also has anyone used this ski? What binding would you suggest for this ski?

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I'm 5'11/195.  187 was a perfect size for a groomer ski for me.  I had 916s on mine.  Worked just fine.

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I had the 187's and loved them.  6'3 190ish when I skied them for a couple seasons in VT.   Not sure what your ability is or where you'll be skiing them, but I'd say think about the 181's as well.  But if you do go the 187 route, STP had a pair for under $200 with a code and still do I believe.


Fyi, the dims go up with the size with the msp.  96mm underfoot on the 187 and 92ish for the 181.

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I usually ski out West at Vail and Baker and Whistler, and was hoping these could work as a powder and groomed run ski.  Would the length, or the skis themselves, hinder short quick turns, for tree skiing for example?

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I remember when the MSP first came out.  A friend had a pair as his powder skis at Sun Peaks. 


Ski hasn't changed except graphic since then.  Ten years later, I used them for groomers at Kicking Horse last season.

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One more question, simply do to my lack of knowledge.  What bindings would you suggest for these skis?  I don't know where to start.  Thanks

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I like metal Salomons, but bang for your buck, you can't beat a 15 DIN Tyrolia.
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