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Sugarloaf Glades

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Hey All..any tips on good intermediate glades at Sugarloaf?  They seem to have a bunch of gladed areas, curious which should be the "try first" parts.



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The one between Hayburner and Kings Landing going in from Kings Landing side is pretty open, if you like the pitch of those 2 trails then that could work for you. Top of Timberline Quad between last trail skiers left on the mountain and next trail to its right.The woods in there are a bit tight, hard to find the entrance but pitch is pretty mellow as are the trails on either side green circle type.For the little ones is woods off of the Whiffle tree quad Moose Alley. Rookie river accessed off Whiffletree is a bit tight and steep 1st getting in but mellows out and follows the water run off on either side. Most everything else is pretty steep especially anything off the Spillway and Brackets Basin.

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Easier Glades at Sugarloaf...there is also a glade off the West Mountain Chair between Windrow and Glancer that is reasonably flat, as well as one off the lower part of Tote Road. The Glades off Timberland are tight, but they are also pretty flat, so they can be easy runs that are good to get started in. I highly recommend Broccoli Garden off the Whiffletree lift. Itnisnabomdomded little tight to start, but is very open and easy once you are in.
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